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Syndrome of “Bad mother“. How not to ache?

to be mother - a hard work, but quite vyponimy and grateful!

It is difficult to women who grew up in an incomplete family to raise own children. Especially, if these ladies, in accordance with the circumstances, got used to exist in itself... Not easy to feel often excessive attention of children and lack of free time. Though this subject, can be close to each woman who became a mother.

Children - our happiness and it is an indisputable fact. But there are moments when from a surplus of fatigue and a nervous tension, there is a wish to run bezoglyadka up hill and down dale or to hide in the small mythical lodge that nobody found you and did not pull. And if it is impossible, the irritation increases and is splashed out on children, and it is already a problem. Your little angels do not know how many at mother of efforts and why this Saint woman breaks on shout. And mother is tormented then by sense of guilt, she sits and argues why her children were so not lucky with the mother.

Where to scoop patience?

How to learn to release time for itself?

How to get rid of sense of guilt?

The answer is simple: sometimes it is necessary to be more selfish!

is necessary to Children healthy mother, both physically, and spiritually. And the husband needs the loving, careful, quiet wife who protects a home, but itself vozgorat!

is necessary to All the house where there is a wish to come back.

And if the man coming back home, having opened a door, sees before himself a shaggy, nervous being with the twitching eye (and maybe not one), then his mood, as well as all the rest, inevitably falls! Even if the apartment sparkles as in Proper`s advertizing and the refrigerator with a plate burst with food!

Be not excessively exacting to themselves. Accustom children to self-discipline, independence. Also they have to understand that mother has the right to be tired and happens so that she needs the help. If you have a boy - he will learn to care for women and if the girl, then she becomes the remarkable hostess.

Organize your day. Sostavte`s

put the list.

Do in the morning exercises - it will give you forces.

It is possible to be engaged together with children, the general occupations improve mutual understanding.

walk, especially, More if you are in the decree holiday.

Not superfluous will and connect the father to performance of some house efforts. And if it remains “on economy“ for the whole day, then you just will not avoid compliments in the party (to understand in any sense, both direct, and figurative) and sincere surprise as all of you it are in time. But you should not abuse! Everything is better to do together and to connect, for example, to cleaning in the apartment even of children. If you appreciate their work, then children will try and be proud of very much any done work even if you stealthily dotirat dust and wipe pools after their washing of floors. You, and you, set them the base for self-development and formation of as persons.

When children have a rest or sleep, devote this time to yourself. It will be useful for someone to have a sleep, to someone to tie, and to someone to cook up article in the magazine. The main condition - to derive pleasure!

Dear mothers, find at yourself in soul an island of serenity, a privacy, tranquility. Rasslabtes! You for the children the best mother in the world, you the best wife and the woman for the spouse! Trust in it and never forget!

I wish you that in your eyes the spark of an ozornost and cheerfulness that your children were proud of the cheerful and loving mother always sparkled!