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the Expert from the IMD Group company: Denis Savchenko, the head of sales department, answered the questions BSN. RU

Now demand for country housing unambiguously grows - prices for apartments in the suburbs favourably differ from real estate cost within the city. Therefore many revise the decision on purchase of the apartment in the city in favor of near suburbs. Influences this decision not only a price question though it is very important at the choice of housing, but also changes in mentality of people - now more and more buyers of real estate think of environmental friendliness of housing, about health of the children and elderly parents, and advantages of life in the countryside, in the fresh air.

our company is engaged in construction of low housing estates in the suburb of St. Petersburg, and we see that this direction gains popularity, forcing out skyscrapers in the city. Low complexes are attractive to the buyer tired of city “ant hills“, at the same time the arrangement is convenient for those who daily go for work - in 15 - minute proximity from the subway. At cost such housing wins in comparison with city apartments: it is possible to take more square meters for the same money, to thereby improve the living conditions.

our buyers are first of all young families with children, married couples of middle age. Recently the number of addresses from owners of own business increased and the top - managers who even more often show interest in townhouses in “The Alpine village“ is an excellent alternative to own house thanks to isolation from other residents, to existence of own entrance and personal plot. As our company builds housing for full-time residence, in projects social objects - kindergartens, shopping centers, the developed roads and parkings, and also sports and playgrounds are put. As for forecasts for development of a segment of country real estate, as a rule, in the summer consumer ability is not less active in the presence of the attractive offer from builders. Good weather allows to go and look at object, to estimate speed of construction and the surrounding nature around. Besides, there come many buyers from various regions of Russia for the purpose of moving to St. Petersburg in the summer. Therefore I consider that now demand is influenced not by(with) seasonality, but the growing need for housing at the population. In the summer all of us predict increase of demand for country real estate, and certainly are ready to help it, offering convenient options of acquisition of housing by installments, discounts and actions.

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