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In what advantage of tea rooibos?

Tea rooibos - fragrant tea with sweetish taste, are made of leaves of the South African plant of the same name. Many people began to replace with it habitual black and green teas. This tea entered the market recently, however already managed to bring together armies of admirers. One love it for unique taste and aroma, others use as a remedy.

By what this tea is so attractive? And what benefit it brings?

Useful properties of this drink

Rooibos differs from other popular teas in what does not incorporate caffeine. It, in turn, means that it is possible to take this drink at any time, without being afraid of overexcitation or sleeplessness. In addition tea rooibos becomes to children, pregnant women, absolutely safe for the use, and the feeding women.

As a part of tea rooibos there are such substances as antioxidants. They help to fight against presenilation and reduce risk of development of cancer tumors. Besides, in this tea there is a huge amount of vitamin C. Here it is more of it, than in a lemon. Drink is also rich with minerals: sodium, zinc, iron and other.

Medicinal properties of tea rooibos

Tea rooibos found the popularity and in traditional medicine. It is necessary to notice that this tea represents not only means with the toning effect, but also as antibacterial. Owing to what it is recommended to use to the people suffering from warmly - vascular diseases, allergies, the increased arterial pressure. Besides, such drink helps to fight against worms at adults and children, is used as expectorant cure for a SARS. And also helps to struggle with depressions, neurosises and sleeplessness.

On the homeland tea rooibos is applied as means from a hangover what perfectly copes with.

From - for the high content of calcium this drink is useful as prevention of caries and to strengthening of bones. Ideal content of calcium and sodium in tea is capable to support mineral balance of an organism. What does it by useful drink for the athletes and people occupied with a hard physical activity.

rooibos in cosmetology

Tea rooibos proved Use of tea as

positively not only as drink, but also in external application in cosmetology. Washing such tea, it is possible to improve a condition of skin. And compresses on eyes will relieve of dark circles under eyes.

of Contraindication to use of tea rooibos

Tea rooibos has a set of pluses, but what contraindications at it? Contraindications per se are not available for this drink. All people of different age can use it. People cannot drink tea rooibos only with individual intolerance of this component. However it meets extremely seldom.

Avoid purchase of tea in bags. As a rule, they contain many fragrances and additives. And here rooibos is not enough real tea there.

As you can see, at this tea there are a lot of pluses and a few minuses. Therefore using for the first time such tea, know when to stop and be careful.