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Whether it is possible to reduce danger of alcohol?

Alcohol - the terrible poison more dangerous to the person, than drugs. The Chinese scientists found a gene which is capable to reduce significantly harm from alcohol. Thanks to it the organism can process alcohol not into fat, and into a glycogen that does alcoholic drinks potentially useful to a liver. Nevertheless researchers do not consider opening as argument in favor of alcoholism.

Alcohol - terrible poison from which the huge number of people perishes. Perhaps, there is in our body no body which would not suffer from abuses of alcoholic drinks. According to the last researches of scientists from Germany and Canada alcohol even the bigger evil, than drugs.

Dirk Lachenmeer (Dirk W. Lachenmeier) from Research laboratory of chemistry and veterinary science in Karlsruhe and Juergen Ram (J ü rgen Rehm) from the Center of narcology and mental health are sure of Toronto that risk to die of alcohol let not much more, but above, than of heroin, cocaine and tobacco.

As for “a harmless grass“, disputes about which legalization overflowed the developed countries, to compare it to alcoholic drinks - all the same that to compare danger of the armed bandit and juvenile ill-bred rude fellow from kindergarten.

Lachenmeer and Ram consider marijuana by 114 times less dangerous, than alcohol. Researchers calculated this figure, comparing a lethal dose of substance (alcohol and drug) to quantity which is usually used by people.

Nevertheless the amount of the alcoholic drinks drunk in the world considerably exceeds number of the smoked “jambs“. While numerous public services and public organizations conduct uncompromising struggle with alcoholism, tireless and inventive Chinese came to a conclusion that negative consequences from alcohol intake can be lowered.

Researchers from Institute of food in Shanghai claim that they found the gene capable to turn alcohol nearly into a dietary product at the person and animals. The gene, certainly, existed and earlier, but scientists still knew nothing about its potential abilities and a role.

Thanks to PPP1r3G gene alcohol can be processed by an organism not into fats, and into a glycogen that does alcoholic drinks potentially useful to a liver.

A glycogen - the polysaccharide formed by the glucose remains, the main form of storage of glucose animal cages, mainly a liver and muscles. In view of similarity of structure, the glycogen is called sometimes animal starch.

The Glikogenovy reserve is used by an organism in need of completion of a lack of glucose. In other words, a glycogen - means of storage of energy, though not such power-intensive, as fats.

Experimenting on laboratory rats, kitayskiyeuchyony found out that at rodents with the strengthened PPP1r3G gene accumulation of fat in a liver considerably decreases. According to the leading author of research professor Chong Yan (Chen Yan), opening can lead to emergence of the new drugs reducing negative influence of alcohol on health.

Chong Yan is sure that the glycogen is much safer and purer than fats. “Fat is the most widespread way of storage of energy in our organism, but also the dirtiest. It releases many pollutants when burning, - professor considers. - We are on the verge of transition from dirty power to pure. Time to make the same changes in our body, to pass from fat to a glycogen came“ .

Not excepting emergence in the future of preparations which will stimulate a gene of PPP1r3G and production with an organism of healthy “fuel“ of a glycogen Chong Yan, however, does not consider opening as argument in favor of alcoholism. The Chinese scientists did not carry out any tests in public yet and are not ready to clinical trials.

Do not abuse alcoholic drinks!