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Khakassia. How there, on the very brink of the earth?

Settlement of the Abaze. Kilometers 200 from Abakan. End of the road. Further - the woods and mountains. And behind them, far, behind the impassable wood - Tuva. The wood, the impassable wood, is rich in mushrooms - berries, in various wild plants. In the small river - graylings, in the wood - partridges, hares, deer... Kr - r - a rasota!

... Our plane landed in Abakan. Winter. Temperature on the street - 45 about .

Winter - the most favourite time for production of earthwork. And I am still ready to understand why so was in Soviet period - in the winter of a quotation were several times higher, than in the summer. But why and in our, already almost capitalist time there was such love to earthwork in frosts - me absolutely unclear.

That winter crews of Hakastelekom pulled an optical data line (“ring“) from Abakan in most - razsamy wild places. The ring passed through Sayano - Shushensky hydroelectric power station and several cities and villages. Just optical cable - such piece that each 50 - 70 km the signal which on it goes weakens so that demands strengthening. Here it is also necessary to put knot with the amplifier of a signal and with possible switching on an exit and an entrance. It was lucky that village in which it is decided to deliver such knot, there at once are technical capabilities and to put phones, and cable to carry out the Internet.

The most distant point of a ring where the cable was just laid - the city of the Abaze and it it is mountain - concentrating combine.

The settlement, and then and the city of the Abaze appeared in the 19th century when development of local iron ore fields began. In the richest ores the content of iron exceeds 70%, in local ores - from 40% to 50%, but except iron there are still a cobalt and zinc here.

When our plane sat down in Abakan, it seemed to me that I reached the world`s end. As, Khakassia, behind it - only the woods. Here and Galich wrote about the clouds floating once to Abakan... But locals consider themselves if not as the center, then in any way and not the suburb.

The contract for delivery of the equipment was already signed also the total amount for which the equipment will be put, was defined. Now we went along a route of an optical ring and in points of future communication centers looked and counted what equipment should be put as it will rise that it is necessary for its reliable work. The ring was very long and when we arrived in the Abaze, it became clear that we spend the night here.

Work took only several hours (the review of rooms, a sketch, calculation of distances between points of placement of the equipment, so and lengths of future cables), discussion and signing of the annex to the contract will be already in Hakastelekom in Abakan.

From olden days in the Abaze almost all men of the city worked for GOK. So it was moved. If not in mines - means, on the railroad or on loading of ore in cars.

But here reorganization burst. The city which is very far from the capital (I mean Abakan, the capital of the republic), remained idle. Without money. Without everything. Or die with hunger, either leave, or spin. Probably, someone indeed left. But miners - the special people. Especially strong and stubborn. Strong men preferred to spin. Nearby wood. In it and mushrooms and... what is only not present. In the small river - graylings lap.

Therefore when in several years of GOK slowly started over again being developed and take workers, from locals agreed to return to old habitual work hardly a half. The others already established relations and regularly sold to big cities fish, meat, honey, mushrooms, berries and a lot of things are many other things.

We spent the night in the house on the suburb remade under hotel. The owner building the house of the dream upon termination of construction suddenly found out that his children grew up also one left, and another builds already the house nearby. The house was huge and empty. Water supply system, electricity, phone. In the yard - a good bath. And acquaintances from the big city which it markets gifts of the wood somehow asked whether it will help with hunting, fishing... With an outdoor recreation and with a good piknichok.

Having thought, the owner was registered, having created some not that closed joint stock company, not Ltd company, not that individual enterprise, received the press - and opened private hotel. Gave advertizing in newspapers and the Internet. There were persons interested to have a rest. From Abakan, from Krasnoyarsk, with Sayano - Shushensky hydroelectric power station.

The house - the suburb of the city on the very brink of Khakassia. Farther on hundreds of kilometers the wood. And then, behind mountains, behind dales - Tuva. Such arrangement of the house seems to guests from the cities almost the end of the earth. And the richness of the local woods simply discourages. Here to you and mushrooms - berries - left the house, gathered, ate. Here and fish - approached you the small river a stone`s throw away, put out a feeler, pulled out a small fish, informed the house, fried. Here to you and a game of all types - both partridges, and hares, and... What is larger - too is, and it is a lot of.

And the owner complained to us. Like, before partridges it was possible to shoot almost from a porch of the house, and now minutes thirty it is necessary to go and graylings became not such big as a few years ago...

As there, on the edge of the earth? In my opinion - it is good. But the person is often not able to be happy even in paradise.