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St. Petersburg. In honor of whom called Vasilyevsky Island?

Vasily Dmitriyevich Korchmin - one of Peter I`s colleagues. Was in its amusing regiments since 1691. Served Russia. Was both an intelligence agent, and the military engineer, and the designer, and the gunner, and the inventor. Its battery placed on the Shooter then still of the anonymous island covered the beginning of construction of the new capital of Russia. Also there went across Neva “to Vasily on the island“ both the tsar, and his confidants. And went.

What we know about one of colleagues Peter the Great - Vasily Dmitriyevich Korchmin? Yes almost anything. Even year of birth. We know that he was born “till 1671“. We know that, unlike Alexander Danilovich, thievish he was not - just because to the fatherland of treasures it did not save up treasures on service.

We know that during the service there was it both the spy, and the inventor, and the military leader, and the engineer, and (at the end of life) the businessman, and everywhere tried to obtain success. And his name “remained in the history“ - it its battery stood on the Shooter of the future of Vasilyevsky Island when construction of St. Petersburg began, covering construction from a possible sortie of Swedes. And to it, to Vasily, then went “on the island“. And then, gradually the island also became Vasilyevsky...

His stepfather I. Sumarokov was a room stolnik of the tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich (yes, that, “Quietest“), and his father-in-law A. Timofeev was the confidant of the tsarevna Sofya. On their patronage Vasily Korchmin was brought closer to the yard and was a stolnik of the queen Praskoviya Fiodorovna, the wife of the tsar Ioann Alekseevich, the fact that in the childhood was “sopravitel“ together with the brother Pyotr, future Peter the Great.

In 1691 Korchmin was admitted to “amusing“ troops of the tsarevitch Pyotr Alekseevich. In “amusing“ troops it served in a bombardier company. Together with Pyotr he went as a part of Great Embassy to Western Europe and was trained in Germany in mathematics and military sciences. Having been trained abroad, he became the sergeant of this company, and at the beginning of the 18th century ordered it.

Korchmin conducted inzhenerno - practical researches on some sections of chemistry and ballistics. Invented the flame thrower used by Pyotr in fleet (fire-throwing pipes). Pyotr appointed him the main fireworker, he organized a set of festive fireworks (“allegorical enchanting teatrum“) in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Wikipedia numerous fireworks which were organized and made by Vasily Korchmin are listed, at the beginning of the 18th century at the time of Pyotr Alekseevich`s government arranged them very often and all of them are Vasily Korchmin`s children.

In Moscow it had a laboratory of pyrotechnics where rockets, crackers and other fireworks were produced. By the way, alarm rockets which were made by Korchmin were widely used in army. And the manual written to them on use of rockets was used in army very long time.

Having received voyenno - engineering education in Konigsberg and Berlin, Korchmin was engaged in military fortification. In Novgorod - during this period when after the Narva konfuziya the city has to be protected adequately from possible approach of Swedes, in St. Petersburg - the new capital should be protected from the same Swedes, in Kronstadt - here Swedes even tried to break to St. Petersburg, but, having run on guns of just constructed forts, were forced to refuse idea to attack the new capital of Russia. And besides - also in Moscow, Helsingfors and many other cities.

By order of Peter I Vasily Dmitriyevich was engaged in design of new waterways from Volga to Baltic. The projects created by it then did not manage to be realized from - for disastrous conditions of treasury and war with Sweden. But in several decades returned to them and on the basis of old projects systems of locks and channels which called Vyshnevolotsky water system and Mariinsky water system were created.

Vasily Dmitriyevich was also an intelligence agent. During study in Berlin in 1698 by order of Pyotr it found out the size of a salary of the German military. In anticipation of war with Swedes - reconnoitered a condition of fortresses Narva and Noteburg (Nutlet) and their weak places. In September, 1713 carried out engineering investigation of strengthenings of the Swedish fortress of Neyshlot.

Participated in military operations of Northern war, Noteburgom, Niyenshantsy was at war near Narva. Took part in fight near Poltava. In a position the general - the quartermaster participated in the Persian campaign in 1722 - 1723.

The village of Voznesenskoye located on Neva was transferred to it to feeding. On its suburb in 1712 the first in Russia was billeted pontonno - a bridge company, only 36 people on whose arms there were tin pontoons (made on a sample Dutch). Presently on the bank of Neva there is a settlement Pontoon, one of residential districts of which is called Korchmino. In the same place Korchmink`s small river flows.

Died in Vasily Dmitriyevich 1729 and it was buried in St. Petersburg. And, as he died childless, after his death his manors were returned in treasury... And only many years later the empress Elizabeth Petrovna returned them it to the widow Irina Vladimirovna. Such here favor and gratitude.

And on cards there were Vasilyevsky Island, Korchmink`s small river, Mariinsky and Vyshnevolotsky water systems. However, only historians know about the last.