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Shock therapy which was endured by ruble and all Russian economy at the end of last year, naturally, was reflected also in housing prices. According to the bn portal. ru (BN index), at the end of December the cost of square meter in comparison with November sharply increased in St. Petersburg: on 2. 17% in the secondary market (made nearly 106 thousand rubles) and on 2. 50% - on primary (101 577. 5 rubles).

Now the situation was a little stabilized, the sharp growth or falling is not noted already several months. However, as considers most of experts, further not to avoid growth, including thanks to the started program of subsidizing of a rate for a mortgage. Besides, against the general inflation and rise in price of credit resources cost of construction grows. And offers in the market there is everything - slightly less.

Therefore potential investors even more often pay attention to the most favorable proposals of builders. One of attractive projects - low building “The Alpine village“. It is the unique project of a housing estate in architectural fakhverk style from the IMD Group company. If following the results of May 1 sq.m of housing in city new buildings cost an average of 100 311. 6 rubles, here 1 - the room apartment at a stage of the project estimate in 1, 5 million rubles - that is at the price of 48 thousand rubles for square meter.

to Potential homeowners, will be provided the round-the-clock protection of the territory, a parking, shopping center and kindergarten. This project, of course, is interesting to them. It will be there are in close proximity to the city, only 5 km from ring road. All this will make it competitive in comparison with skyscrapers in the city. However, by the end of the year the prices will grow also here as the builder for 25% or even for 40% believes. Therefore it is always favorable to invest in housing at an initial stage of the project.

the IMD Group Company successfully works at the market of low housing of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. This is the builder who carries out a full complex of works: from development of the project, architectural style of houses before leading of all communications and development of infrastructure of the area of building. For this reason investors consider that it is favorable to buy apartments in houses of IMD Group, and to live in them to future owners - comfortably.