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How to make the truck transparent?

Heavy-load transport complicate life to participants of traffic. To increase safety and comfort, the Samsung company developed and tests the system providing drivers of cars behind the truck with visual information on a road situation. The wireless video camera placed ahead of the heavy truck transfers the picture to the huge screen fixed on a back board.

Long-range trucks give to drivers of cars a serious inconvenience. Long-distance truck drivers not quickly go, but to overtake them absolutely not easy. Behind the huge trailer nothing is visible, any minute - will run into counter transport.

It is good if the truck driver tries to be polite and correctly helps to make the decision winking of blinkers. But so, unfortunately, happens not always. It is impossible to expel trucks from routes, but that if to make heavy trucks “transparent“ that the drivers going behind saw what is there, ahead?

In 2009 the design Studio of Artemy Lebedev offered an innovative concept - the huge screen on a back board of the heavy-load car on which the image from the video camera established on a front bumper is projected. There passed nearly five years, and the Samsung company undertook the practical embodiment of a concept.

In five years huge flat displays significantly fell in price, their parameters and the number of offers in the market improved. Using it, the Korean company developed own, not design, but quite working prototype, and carried out its tests.

The project from Samsung was called by Safety Truck (The safe truck). The equipment consists of the wireless video camera removing the road before the heavy-load car and the quadruple monitor on a back board of the trailer.

Thanks to monitors the drivers going behind truck see the road before it. The truck becomes “transparent“, does not disturb the review and the correct assessment of a road situation. As a result the quantity of mistakes decreases, traffic safety increases.

Modern wireless video cameras are available and work rather reliably, but for creation of the effective device of display to developers, obviously, it was necessary to try.

Four huge displays with the characteristics providing steady display of the picture under any weather conditions, undoubtedly stand much. Most likely owners of trucks will not begin to show special aspiration to equip with the Safety Truck system the cars.

However, today in the market there is no ready offer, and on the cost of the equipment of safety yet to speak so far early. In the blog Samsung reports that the system works and is capable to save lives of many people, but its improvement is still suspended. In exchange the corporation concentrated on carrying out tests for obtaining formal permissions and coordination.

Unlike the Safe truck the American Vehicle system - to - Vehicle Communication (V2V) does not use the big displays visible to all participants of the movement. V2V which emergence expects next year represents a wireless network in which clever cars exchange data on the location, the direction of the movement and speed.

Cars communicate among themselves, share important information thanks to what V2V is capable to issue the warning of a dangerous situation in time and even to interfere with management to prevent collision.

Thus, V2V potentially has ampler opportunities and, most likely, will be cheaper. On the other hand - the display is visible to all drivers whereas “brains“ not each car possesses.

Happy journey!