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How artificial lighting influences a dream?

Modern people sleep less ancestors. The main reason of reduction of a dream - artificial electric lighting. The possibility of artificial continuation of day does not eliminate influence on a dream of a time of year. The researchers studying life of modern hunters - collectors from Argentina came to such conclusion. In the future scientists are going to deepen knowledge and to consider influence on the Moon dream.

Modern people sleep less, than ancestors. Occasions to refuse a dream at our way of life not to count up, from load and a stress to the clever gadgets which are constantly connected to information networks. But the main reason that our dream was reduced is simpler. We sleep less because we use artificial lighting.

Comparison of a way of life of traditional hunters - the collectors who kept invariable an archaic way of life shows that access to artificial light and electricity reduces duration of a night dream.

By and large it is not news. Influence of artificial lighting on a dream is known from laboratory trials, but work of scientists from University of Washington - the first documentary confirmation received in a natural situation.

Researchers studied a way of life of two relatives in the ethnic, social and cultural plan of communities of traditional hunters - the collectors living on North - the East of Argentina. Communities of modern collectors even live nearby from each other, at distance about 50 km. However only one community has an access to electricity. Her members use the electric power free of charge and can include lighting without any restrictions 24 hours a day whereas their neighbors are forced to rely only on a natural sunlight.

Though the practical part of research is carried out in 2012 - 2013, researchers consider that their results can be taken for a sample of that how many our ancestors as vital way of hunters - collectors for a long time up to now changed insignificantly slept.

Researchers visited communities within a week in the winter and in the summer to record as well seasonal distinctions in dream duration. Participants of research kept diaries in which they noted when they wake up and depart to a dream. But besides, each of them, without removing, carried a special bracelet on a wrist. The device fixed the slightest movements in the absence of which researchers drew a conclusion that the person sleeps.

It became clear that in a community where the electricity is available, sleep approximately one hour less, than the neighbors relying on solar lighting. It occurs generally because artificial light gives the chance later to go to bed.

Research confirmed that artificial lighting “disturbs“ circadian hours and changes a ratio between a dream and wakefulness, reducing dream duration. In the future scientists intend to study more deeply this influence, measuring melatonin level at representatives of two communities. Besides, it is planned to consider what impact on a dream is exerted by Moon phases.

People from both communities sleep in the winter more, than in the summer. These distinctions in duration of a dream are explained by natural distinction in duration of daylight. In subtropical Argentina a difference between duration of summer and winter day about 2,5 hours. Thus, seasonal influence on internal clocks of people remains even in the presence of a possibility of artificial continuation of day.

Kind health and sound sleep!