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How to overcome the stress?

It is known that a stress - response of a human body to negative emotions, an overstrain, fear... Sometimes lack of resistance to stress can lead to decrease in immunity, to drowsiness, is capable to suffer and is warm - vascular system. Everyone tested a similar state, but in some situations ability to control own emotions is just necessary to avoid unpleasant consequences.

“The stress develops because that you, knowing how to do right thing, do on the contrary“ (Larry Uinget, “Will be enough to ache, above the head!“).

There are several councils which will help to get rid of excess panic and will teach to behave on responsible actions.

Method 1. Medical. Widespread. Feeling of alarm the following means known for all are capable to banish

: valerian, mint, pustyrnik, camomile, St. John`s Wort. Also there is a drink which should be taken within a week: dyagilya to fill in two teaspoons of the crushed roots with a glass of boiled water. Applying herbs, previously surely consult to the doctor to avoid negative consequences!

Method 2. Physical. To lazy people it is contraindicated. with

to overcome feeling of a stress, it is necessary to force to work the muscles: for several seconds it is necessary to strain muscles of hands and legs, further to make a deep breath, and after most to relax on an exhalation. Also it would be quite effective to complete a yoga course that in a condition of a relax you could get rid of the forcing stress. And some doctors recommends to carry out morning exercises daily.

Method 3. Female.

Unplanned shopping - a thing always pleasant, it is capable to lighten mood at any stage of your despondency. And, dear girls, do not go to far in caffeine, from it the feeling of uneasiness can only increase! Indulge yourself with favourite chocolate better, but only moderately that excess weight did not become the next reason for a stress.

Method 4. Culinary. Throughout to the third .

By the way, science it is proved long ago that ice cream also perfectly reduces stress.

Many are calmed by tea drinking process, and it is in view of that better to choose green, by means of it you will be able to receive necessary calm - both sincere, and physical.

Do not forget also about the citrus containing a large amount of vitamin C: tangerines, oranges, lemons, grapefruits...

And during a summer time the celery in which are available phyto - the elements calming our nervous system will help to cope with a stress to you.

Method 5. Psychological.

according to Vladimir Vinokur, the best stress medicine - a smile. Therefore you spend more time with friends, communicate, you love, read good books, you watch the motivating movies (I can advise, for example, “In a pursuit of happiness“, “Life in pink“, “Star“, 2014)

Stick on all apartment bright leaflets with your dreams, the purposes. Perhaps, it will force you to return to a former track of life too.

But the most necessary is, of course, communication, these are live emotions, and in particular laughter which, as they say, prolongs life.

Of course, it is not really easy to refuse a condition of a stress at once and to try not to notice it. But all in your hands!

Desire - one thousand opportunities. Unwillingness - one thousand reasons.