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Money? I can tell with an accuracy that each person wants a lot of money, today you can look at this question from different foreshortenings and opinions.

I want money! It is necessary to me money! I cannot without money! - we will consider 1 type of people.

This type is quite interesting, I also belong to it. But I will tell on the truth, such type has divisions too.

Namely: if the person is already rich, and aspires to money, or they the truth are very necessary to him.

Theoretically if the person is already rich (pripusty by inheritance), then it can do two things:

1. To earn honestly (20%)

2. To earn unfair (60%) of

3. To earn having created firm (20%) of

the Second point wins only because it is the easiest. And we can already notice that the person is inclined to

of easy profit. The firm can burn through and operate hardly, - and the honest image of earnings of enough

is difficult, or does not give good money.

We will pass to the second division: poor or people of moderate earnings. They can also do to

several things.

1. To earn honestly (70%)

2. The high position and bribes (30%) of

the First type wins through inability to lie, and low that not demanding positions (but low works do not belong here as - we watch 1 type of people - I want money! To me it is necessary money! I cannot without money!).

Second is rather popular too, and it turns into 1 division the 2nd point as leads to increase of profit (2. To earn unfair (60%)). For 1 image they have to have a good shape, a clever brain, the starting capital, and of course - high education (well or good money for bribery, but it is not really inclined as again - it is possible to take already this point - 3. To earn having created firm (20%)).

And at last we will pass to the second type - small change is necessary. More often this position is taken by school students as for it there are only 2 types of earnings:

1. Earnings on the Internet (40%) of

2. I Will tell earnings on the street (60%) to

why the second way is better and it is in certain cases more profitable. He does not demand big work,

everything occurs quickly, give a little more chem*... And now we will pass into the first part. The Internet is divided into 2 look too:

1. Freelance (50%) of

2. Clicks, advertizing, pages, price markup, viewings, and. etc. (50%)

At both cases stability as the freelance demands mind and knowledge of the business, but is not enough such people,

and the second way quite easy, but boring and the profit is small, and from it it is necessary to judge that people leave from there, but there is a lot of people, and another by all means will come, and here the freelance brings big (in certain cases stable) the income, and people there by all means will be late.

By the way a way of the Internet is suitable for purchase of games and music enough.

There is also the 3rd type, but these are generally bums and idlers, they do not want money at all.

I will give some advice:

1. You want to buy game? There is no money for it? Will suit you:

2) Earnings on the street (60%).

1) Earnings on the Internet (40%).

2. Try to watch more a season and finance at management of major company.

3. Do not try to bribe the honest person (generally I against bribes).

4. Listen to these councils and an anaziruyta my text.

* here also the razdavaniye of advertizing sheets belongs, work of a razgruzheniye of trains does not belong (cleaning can also get in certain cases here)