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Coral tree and jade falls. In what their value?

Family Bean, except garden cultures habitual to us - peas, beans, haricot, are famous for a set of wonderful plants. Are distinguished from them with exotic, unusual blossoming of an eritrin and strongilodon - natives of tropics. In room conditions these plants can be grown up, having created them necessary conditions.

Today, thanks to the Internet, there was an opportunity to get acquainted with flora of all planet. It appeared, at our ordinary garden cultures - peas, haricot, beans there are unique tropical relatives. Are distinguished from them with originality of blossoming of an eritrin, or a coral tree, and strongilodon, or jade falls.

Eritrina - the sort of plants of family Bean, contains more than hundred types. Presently many hybrids are removed. Eritrina a cock crest - the most known look, it is widespread in tropics of America, Africa, Australia and islands of the Pacific Ocean, in some countries of Europe and Asia. Prefers to live in the wild nature near the rivers, bogs and other reservoirs.

The cock crest represents a low tree, to 5 - 6 meters, sometimes reaches 10 meters. A root rod, powerful that allows to use these plants for soil fixing. As well as all bean, on roots have klubenk which are formed by azotfiksiruyushchy bacteria.

Today the eritrina is grown up as an ornamental park and garden plant in many countries of the world, and also in hothouse and room conditions. In the Crimea, on the Black Sea coast it is possible to land in an open ground on condition of autumn cutting and shelter for the winter.

All eritrina are famous for effective long blossoming. In the Southern hemisphere blossoming lasts from October to April, in Northern - from April to October. Colourful, korallovo - red, dark-red, cherry flowers of a bizzare shape are collected in clustery inflorescences. Views with orange, yellow and white flowers meet.

At the majority eritrin korallovo - red flowers that gave a reason to call a sort from the Greek word “crythros“ that means “red“. The plant received such names for singularity of a form of flowers: forest flame, cardinal`s spear, popugayny tree, coral tree, wings of a bat and others.

The African tribe of the Zulu calls an eritrina of an umkvabaggvab. One of types, under the name a royal tree, can be landed on graves of leaders.

At some types such plentiful release of nectar is observed that was to Americans the cause to call them cry - baby - the crying child.

In some districts flowers are eaten, besides from them extract karminny dye for wool and natural fabrics. Leaves, flowers and bark are applied in medicine as calming and a sedative.

A fruit eritrin - the dry bean supporting eight - ten it is brown - chestnut or red seeds. At many types seeds are fatally poisonous . Alkaloid eritroidin, paralyzing respiratory system is their part.

Eritrina of caffra has large elegant seeds of red color with a black point. Locals make of them earrings, a beads and other jewelry.

Light porous wood goes for production of souvenirs, toys, musical instruments, kayaks. Also it is used in orthopedics and aviamodelling. The crushed wood of an eritrina Indian is applied as cosmetic.

In room conditions grow up an eritrina a cock crest more often. The plants which are grown up from seeds blossom for 4 - 5, from shanks - for 2 - 3. Soil for a cock crest prepares from the cespitose, humous earth and sand. To replace at the end of winter, the beginning of spring.

In the summer plentiful watering and frequent spraying is necessary for plants, top dressing is twice a month recommended by full mineral fertilizer. It is necessary to contain an eritrina on the light, solar place and to protect from drafts. In summertime it is useful to take out on open air - a balcony, a garden.

Eritrina called by a coral tree is also grown up in room conditions. At it unusual beautiful flowers it is red - pink color, up to 5 cm long. Fruits remind corals. This look is suitable for formation of a tree in style a bonsai.

Strongilodon is from rainforests of the Philippine Islands, represents a liana with bright ternate leaves. In the nature grows to twenty meters.

The main value of this plant in its magnificent inflorescences reaching more than a meter in length. Flowers have unusual Xing - green, luminescent coloring. In their inflorescences there are about hundred pieces. During blossoming the liana reminds the falls falling from trees and glowing in the dark, attracting pollinators - bats, for as received one more name - jade falls, a jade rod. In Hawaii from turquoise flowers of these lianas spin wreaths and create festive jewelry.

Strongilodon from - for active deforestation got to category of disappearing plants. Now it is grown up in botanical gardens of many countries.

The jade falls can be grown up also in room conditions, having created it necessary conditions. The plant all the year round needs heat, light, humidity, protection against direct sunshine.

Make multiple copies it a cherenkovaniye and seeds, at the same time it is necessary to consider that seeds have to be fresh, completely not dried. Them it is necessary got sick to file from sides, to wet for several days in warm water. Every day water needs to be changed. Then to land in a small greenery on depth about 1,5 cm, germination temperature - 30 - 33 degrees.

It is difficult to replace an adult plant therefore it is required to plant it in big capacity at once and to annually change the top layer of earth. Also jade falls should be provided with a strong support.