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What cities arose from plants?

of the City arose for various reasons. On a cross hairs of trade ways, in places, convenient for defense, on a whim of governors “here the city will be put, to spite of the haughty neighbor“ etc. For example, the city of Perm arose about the Egoshikhinsky copper-smelting plant constructed on the project of the great toiler from “Petrov`s nest“ V. N. Tatishchev in 1723. And what else cities are brought to life by needs of the industry and defense?

Yekaterinburg . In the same 1723 in the spring under the decree of the emperor Peter I on banks of the river of Iset construction of the ironworks plant, largest in Russia was developed . Construction of plant began at the initiative of also V. N. Tatishchev.

Zhezkazgan (an old transcription till September 8, 1992 - Jezkazgan) - the city in the central Kazakhstan. Large center of nonferrous metallurgy. The name in translation from Kazakh means “digging copper“ (that is “extraction of copper“). In 1914 the foundation for concentrating factory was laid. The freights necessary for construction of copper-smelting plant , were delivered from Dzhusala`s station for 400 km on camels, and the equipment in 1914 was directed on a railway line of 13 versts. The way after the structure of cars passed on it, understood and anew kept within. The first train with the equipment arrived in October, 1917, i.e. moved 3 years.

Magnitogorsk . In January, 1929 the decision on the beginning of construction > of steel works was made . On June 30 to the Magnitogorsk station there arrived the first train from Kartalov on a new railway line. This date is considered to be as birthday of Magnitogorsk, contrary to existence of the village Magnetic since 1743.

October, 1722. it is considered date of the basis of Nizhny Tagil when at Vyysky plant the first production - cast iron was received. It is based by a dynasty of Demidov who before revolution and possessed the Nizhny Tagil plants. At this time production of Nizhny Tagil of ironworks and copper-smelting plants , known under the Old Sable trademark becomes world-famous. The Nizhny Tagil metal was used at construction of the Statue of Liberty in New - York.

Zheleznogorsk is founded in 1957 as the working settlement October, in connection with development of Mikhaylovsky of the field of iron ores Kursk magnetic anomaly. In 1962 the settlement was given the status of the city.

St. Petersburg - the city which emergence is connected with creation of the Russian fleet and laying of shipyard - admiralties in November, 1704 about what the following entry in the Marching magazine of Peter I remained: “Mortgaged the Admiralty house and had fun in an osteriya and had fun, length 200 it is put off, shirina10 it is put off“.

Komsomolsk-on-Amur , “the city at dawn“, also arose at shipbuilding plant No. 199 of a name of Lenin Komsomol in 1932. Submarines were under construction generally. However, according to realities of time, also the aircraft factory was under construction in the same place (now a name Yu. A. Gagarina) where the well-known planes of the SU brand are now created.

Krasnokamensk . Practically all activity of the city is focused on production of raw materials, the city-forming enterprise is Priargunsk production is mountain - chemical association who is considered the largest supplier of natural uranium in the Russian Federation. Arose as the settlement of geologists in 1968 after in 1963 in the Priargunsk steppe geologists of Sosnovsky expedition found the field of uranium. In the correctional facility of a general regime of YaG located in 2 km from the city - 4/10 from October 15, 2005 to December, 2006 Mikhail Khodorkovsky served sentence.

Closed administratively - territorial educations (BUT) - it is administrative - the territorial educations having local governments in which borders the industrial enterprises for development, production, storage and utilization of weapons of mass destruction, processing of radioactive and other materials, military and other facilities for which the specific mode of safe functioning and protection of the state secret including special conditions of accommodation of citizens is set are located. Now in Russia exists 44 BUT.

For example...

Sarov - since 1995. in documents was called as Base No. 112, Bitter - 130, Arzamas - 75, Kremlev, Arzamas - 16, Moscow - 300. BUT. The Russian federal nuclear center - All-Russian scientifically - research institute of experimental physics , laid the foundation of implementation of the program of creation of the nuclear weapon. In February, 1947 the CB - 11 was carried by the resolution of Council of ministers of the USSR to especially regime enterprises with transformation of its territory into the closed regime zone. The settlement of Sarov was withdrawn from administrative submission Mordovian by the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and completely excluded from all registration materials. On geographical Soviet cards the city was not designated.

Similar destiny and at the city of Snezhinsk . BUT. The city-forming enterprise is scientifically - research institute of technical physics at the federal nuclear center. It is based on May 23, 1957, had Kasli`s names - 2, Chelyabinsk - 50, Chelyabinsk - 70. Received the status of the city on July 8, 1993.

Ozyorsk - the city (since 1954) in Russia, in Chelyabinsk region, BUT. Earlier Chelyabinsk - was called 40, Chelyabinsk - 65. Here the Mayak Production association - the federal state unitary enterprise for production of components of the nuclear weapon, isotopes, storage and regeneration of spent nuclear fuel is located . On June 19, 1948 on Federal State Unitary Enterprise ON Mayak the first in the country was let and on the Euroasian continent uranium - the graphite industrial reactor. Creation of the enterprise for an operating time of weapon plutonium was a core of the Uranium USSR project.

Practically all such cities were based for production and service of needs of army of the country. To destroy others cities, it was necessary to base the!