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Whether the person needs religion?

This article are written not for those who wish to trust blindly and do not even want to listen to opinion, other than the, on belief. I do not intend to offend someone at all. The purpose of this article - to understand for what today actively propagandize religion and whether it is necessary for the ordinary citizen of our country.

Still remains of anthropoids, instruments of labor and parking of primitive people were found in the XX century, and all truth was everywhere told about dogmas, but people continue to trust.

According to the All-Russian research “Atlas of Religions and Nationalities“ conducted by service “Sreda“ in August, 2012 in 79 of 83 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation, about 80 percent of Russians trust in religion. The science cannot neither prove yet, nor disprove existence of God, but scientists are convinced that religions were created by people. The USSR extended atheism, but today the authorities try to revive belief in religion in people.

For this purpose in 2013 the law on an insult of feelings of believers was toughened. However, it is unclear why this law is necessary to believers, they are convinced that the highest forces will punish sinners. Where freedom of speech? The atheist can have problems if he dares to express openly the opinion on dogmas, and religious figures can talk bravely for hours about the belief on television.

At schools and higher education institutions study one more obligatory subject now - religious studies. Now teachers which debt to impart to the pupils philosophical outlook and to open doors to scientific knowledge, force to read sermons. I think, in books on religious studies there is no word that there is a dogma actually.

The religion teaches sacrifice, submission and strengthens slave thinking in people. The believing person - the fatalist. In his opinion, the highest forces define all in his life. The person with scientific outlook knows that its destiny in his hands. He understands that only the people can stop an arbitrariness of the power.

There is an opinion that nothing except religion can cultivate morality in the person. Not only the fear operates people. It is possible to grow up the decent person, without frightening by stories about hell and without religious manuals. In education and education of children I would begin to rely on pedagogics more.

The religion was often used and used as a reason for war. If heads of religious associations bless the people on war, then the believing person will leave own life easier, than the atheist because he trusts in paradise. Such “heroes“ can be used easily for achievement of the aggressive purposes.

The authorities, as well as religions, it is favorable to hold the people far away from true knowledge. The religion was always hostile to science as she can prove that written in sacred books - lie. Attendants of a cult need to impart to people hostility to not religious education.

In some countries till today thanks to religion the monarchy remained. The population of these countries, as well as in the Middle Ages, is divided into misters and slaves. Governors operate the people by means of laws religious. These laws protect interests of those who govern, and give to the monarch the absolute power. Also the belief is used for education of slaves there. In those regions murders “for the sake of honor“ are committed to this day.

People need to be trusted in something, but why not to believe in itself? The reason of the person is capable of a lot of things: to find healing from many diseases, to prolong to people life, to increase quality of life. The main thing to use knowledge for the benefit of most of people.

In the face of global environmental disaster the world needs scientific and reasonable activists, but not preachers and slaves. Yes sciences light will begin to shine again and all remains of medieval obscurantism will sink into oblivion!