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How construction of churches influences outlook of people?

We did not pay attention to emergence of small chapels in parks, but near chapels huge cult constructions began to appear. Now, when there is a prompt destruction of wildlife, and people rise in defense of parks and the woods, the church works not with us, and against us. There is a question of the one who we are? Who are we actually? And what real role of church in our history.

I will remind what now goes 7524 - y year from Creation of the world. Not from creation of the sky and the earth, and from creation of the world between us and neighbors in the planet.

What the atheism denies god and morals - nonsense and lie. The atheism is an attempt to return to our primordial belief. To that which was to Christianity. To return without mention of paganism at which Christians mocked in due time not to destroy the fragile world between us and them and that under the guise of paganism there were no allegedly revived cults absolutely alien to it. The atheism allowed quite softly, to discharge alien belief without deserved revenge and to return to a prirodolyubiya of ancestors.

Look what wide 20 - a kilometer belt of greens sacredly was stored during an era of the state atheism. Look at forest wedges in Moscow, remember elks actually in the downtown, take the Red List in hands, estimate double strips of poplars on new streets. Read nature protection laws of that time.

Also look at present scales of parkings near the trade hyper complexes which replaced the wood around Moscow. Sympathize with trees with the dried or cut tops under which not sealed there were pathetic patches 2ő2 meters in case of following to rules and by 4 times smaller in huge number of cases. Respect for a tree - any. There is no understanding of his life. Unless tree value as element of a city architecture is somewhat realized. Be terrified to how pressed lawns, asphalting the whole yards to put cars.

Our country only after a great victory staid 7524 years. Let`s hope that still more than once on will stay so many. But it is possible only in case we are strong, healthy. However what health can be if all surrounding space becomes a poison?

What you know of those radiators thanks to which in our houses the Internet not bad works the Internet? Nothing terrible, huh? And if to treat a question slightly more seriously?

What you know of that smog which hangs over streets during a summer heat? Too anything terrible? The down of poplars is a horror that it, it very much harms (allegedly) allergic persons, it litters radiators of cars and irritates housewives, it is fire-dangerous so give a poplar from the city we will clean, and immediately. And a smog - inevitability, there`s nothing to be done. We live in it, and still not bad we live.

The number of the dead in 2014 increased in road accident across Moscow on 800 people, that is for 4,6%, for the same 2014 in Moscow 4 persons got sick with encephalitis (without processing against pincers). What constitutes for us real danger? In relation to what the urgent worlds will be undertaken? You will not believe, but danger - pincers, and they will be poisoned with acaricides. If someone thinks that the poison will work selectively only on ticks, then he very much and very much is mistaken. Acaricides will destroy entomophages, that is natural enemies of pincers. Then there will be a need to apply acaricides annually. To allergic persons, and everyone will become the allergic person on such background, will assure that it is all about pollen or in dust, and soils will be completely sealed in a complete elimination of all live.

Whether incidentally everything moves in this direction? Whether incidentally a hundred part behind a hundred part our yards, squares, parks are given for building, and recently huge territory from that party from where clean air mainly comes to Moscow, was given for New Moscow?

It is known that the way to hell is done attractive, paving it good intentions. The whole people on a convenient paved path go straight to eternal torment. And we not an exception, move a walking step, we talk on the way about that, about this. If not to reflect, then everything well, well we walk. The way back will not be, but to turn against a stream forces is not present, there is not enough mind.

Now the stream carries us to Orthodoxy. Where look, domes of temples everywhere. Temples are put in the best places, in parks. Instead of parks. Peaceful co-existence with Orthodoxy turned at first into charges from Orthodoxy of what was destroyed by temples and offended believers. We could not answer because the grandfathers who had been through a lot from Orthodoxy departed to the world other. Then Orthodoxy began to indemnify the damage which is allegedly caused to it by us. And 848 Moscow pre-revolutionary temples turned into “forty sorok“.

If not the resistance of people, now all city greens could appear in fencings of allegedly restored churches.

There are people who consider that it is correct. Where morality and spirituality, there and life. But there is no direct link between Orthodoxy and spirituality. And Orthodoxy not the only form of spirituality. We with big sympathy treated Orthodoxy until we were reached by legends of orthodox devotees, but now there are more and more examples of money-making which are directly before eyes. Orthodoxy and spirituality are connected by much less strong bonds, than Orthodoxy and enrichment. Spirituality even more often is found beyond its limits and in direct opposition to it. Orthodoxy cannot stop being also enriched as we cannot stop using cars and the Internet. Orthodoxy cannot stop appropriating our best park lands.

Everyone who supports Orthodoxy now supports also destruction of the city nature. The situation can change at any time. It is enough to recognize to the Patriarch that with the 200 temples program made a mistake and to leave alone our dormitory areas with their parks as the intellectuals which in horror turned away from the insatiable orthodox monster will return to church and will return it part of former respect. However now nothing indicates a possibility of such succession of events. The church behaves as the invader and is not going to recede. The church struggles with people, taking and destroying their habitat.

Say to us that the Christianity created Russians. But it existed at us only one thousand years in comparison in 7,5 thousand years only after Creation of the world. Perhaps, with Russians it made the same that now does with the nature when its beret in the form of park and leaves in the form of a bed.