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How the captain A. I. Kazarsky died?

Captain A. I. Kazarsky (1797 - 1833) became a hero russko - the Turkish war of 1828 - 1829. Though he many times could die from hands of enemies, he died nevertheless in Nikolaev under very strange and mysterious circumstances.

As charged to the seaman serving on the Black Sea fleet, Kazarsky audit of rear establishments in the Black Sea ports. Having opened large plunders and shortages in Odessa, Kazarsky comes with inspection in Nikolaev.

He is the real auditor, but not thought up unlike Gogol Hlestakov. And Nikolaev - not the so district city, and the prospering port in which there is a staff of the Black Sea fleet and large shipyard. The largest in the Russian Empire. Respectively, and the scale of plunders in this lucrative job was the largest in all state. Anyway, all stole.

Theft was not only general, but differed in special cynicism. Nikolaev`s inhabitants openly bragged that any private house in their blessed city was not built on personal money of the owner.

The auditor Kazarsky who arrived from the capital, as local officials knew, did not take bribes. Also also honest character was of its straight line the reason for that, and the fact that on the place he reported on a state of affairs directly on the emperor. Therefore the pig-headed auditor right there becomes the personal enemy of all Nikolaev military, quartermasters and officials.

Not only that did not offer the auditor from the capital of bribes in Nikolaev. It turns out that he was robbed here. Kazarsky`s uncle, Alexey Matskevich serving in Nikolaev left to the nephew inheritance, 70 thousand rubles. The casket with money was at the Nikolaev chief of police Avtonomov. But it turned out that money disappeared. Kazarsky swore that will find and will punish the thief.

Imperial a wing - the aide-de-camp “mafia“ does not knew the word, but of what will be hard to be stirred a local gadyuchnik, he assumed. All threads from a local outrage anyway met to the commander of the Black Sea fleet, the admiral Alexey Greygu (1775-1845) . Greyg held this post since 1816. Actually its works the Black Sea fleet became rather efficient and terrible. But 16 years on the same place - huge term for any head. Here purely physically you acquire a fat, you become covered with ooze and zhemchugonosny cockleshells. Also the mighty social law which we call Parkinson`s law now begins to work.

Any big management system begins to work sooner or later to support the existence, but not to carry out the function assigned to it. Parkinson`s law acts even on the level of plants, scientific and cultural institutions (theaters, newspapers, the museums). And at the high state level its universality is comparable with the law of universal gravitation. It is also open - that was on the basis of the analysis of activity of the British admiralty, government institution and extremely Great Britain necessary.

But business was not only in the admiral Greyge who sat up on the place. The Nikolaev officials were so tied by office, friendly, family relations that even the most dashing fighter for state (so, abstract) interests was doomed in attempt to clear these Augean stables. And even he should have been afraid for the life. What someone from old friends also warned Kazarsky about.

The capital auditor treated this prevention seriously. Kazarsky considered quite real a possibility of poisoning. Its unwillingness to eat and drink on visits to the Nikolaev gradonachalstvo and high officials testifies to it. Being afraid of it, he even demanded that the owner of board in which it stopped in Nikolaev tried each dish given it.

And here the woman steps on the stage. Having visited the house the captain - the commodore Mikhaylov, Kazarsky has a dinner. Visit to Mikhaylov was not office, but friendly property. And maybe, even with the matrimonial purposes. The captain of the I rank Kazarsky still was not married, and the daughter is a captain - the commodore (a rank this almost admiral`s) there was a beauty. So to refuse a cup of coffee, served it, it was impossible in any way. And even behind conversation it was necessary it is coffee to drink.

After Mikhaylovsky`s visit Kazarsky felt badly and addressed the doctor. Apparently, it had a poisoning with a high dose of arsenic. Such big that its look after death was awful. Besides the suspicion caused also behavior of the doctor who, despite strong indications of poisoning, did not give to Kazarsky antidote (from arsenic, for example, crude milk helps).

Kazarsky was buried on a cemetery in Nikolaev. It is natural that the admiral Greyg ordered to investigate circumstances of sudden and strange death a wing - the aide-de-camp. In addition to it from the capital there arrived the commission of inquiry which activity was supervised by Benkendorf. The strange facts were during the investigation opened. The Nikolaev chief of police Avtonomov, on whom the suspicion of plunder of a casket with, the inheritance belonging to A. I. Kazarsky fell the captain - the commodore Mikhaylov was intimate with the wife. The friend of the last had in acquaintances of a certain druggist.

But further suspicions business did not go. Neither the Sevastopol, nor St. Petersburg commissions could find guilty of poisoning, and business was dropped. Especially as in St. Petersburg replacement to the “sat-up“ admiral Greygu - counter - the admiral Mikhail Petrovich Lazarev (1788-1851) was already planned . Having entered a position, he was engaged in vigorous transformations. The Black Sea fleet remained sailing, but it was already clear that it is necessary to do warships of steel and to transfer them to steam draft. At Lazarev serious changes in logistic support of fleet began. These changes were made in the old Russian way. The local administration left on pension with all good stolen during service. On their place put new people from “team“ of the new commander of fleet.

These people, often worked young and talented, about ten years with total dedication. But then Parkinson`s law came into effect. On davny - long ago the “warmed“ place former “romantics“ of fleet began to grow old and to think of own wellbeing more, than of “monarchic advantage“.

And Nicholas I at the end of life faced all the same mighty law of Parkinson which is stronger than any revolutions limits efficiency of the autocratic power. The head who is at top of a pyramid of the power grows old. Not only that forces for work become less, desires change too. There is a wish for great undertakings less, familiar faces of subordinates are more and more pleasant, even more often there is a thought: “For my century will be enough, and further - understand“.

Reign “the emperor - the engineer“ which promoted technical and scientific development of the country much came to the end with the Crimean war, defeat in which showed big technical lag of Russia from the all-European level. By the way, the considerable role in this defeat was played by sluggishness and a vorovatost of officials of quartermaster department with which in unsuccessful fight the captain Kazarsky died.