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Why Torfyanka is so often mentioned in news?

Small park on North - the East of Moscow became that place where absolutely in a new way raised questions of ecology, about business - projects, about religious belief. This conflict can change history of our country. Its peaceful resolution is possible only in case the nature becomes the supreme value again, and market experts and grabbers at last will take the modest place.


Now about it was heard by all, almost nobody knew quite recently, and anybody, except inhabitants of the next houses feeble effort of ROC, decided to construct on two hundred parts small hramik on 500 parishioners caused alarm. However history of close neighbors from Chermyanki showed that the territory is occupied in hectares, since such two hundred parts, and process peaceful manner cannot be stopped. On Chermyanki`s party there were laws, but during court sessions laws managed to change, and Chermyanka instead of care as OOPT, received the ruthless monster.

Children, sometimes the nice, representing interests of ROC, promise that they will care for park, to improve it. It is remembered how to death arranged well Tsaritsyno, but the church is not going to make mad investments in destruction of the nature for the sake of creation of prettiness for people with poor imagination. The care is meant as planting of flowers on beds near the temple. I not once or twice asked what will be care of the park territory. And heard every time about a bed before the temple.

Remarkably! ROC it is ready to improve the desert, breaking on it beds. Idea about natural complexes, about biocenoses, readiness for acceptance under the control of parks and the woods absolutely zero, but something like the market squares exempted from tents are fully ready to development. Here would also take what are ready to. And all talk how the church improves space, would become the truth. Improve the former market!

Station Losinoostrovskaya, the huge trade pavilion is demolished. People there passes by to electric trains the great variety, the view of the temple will open from far away, from the street of the pilot Babushkin, nearby there are no temples. The most suitable place from all those reasonable points of view which to us are shown by defenders of temples in parks. But as soon as you offer such option, conversation is transferred on Kolomna where temples allegedly did not spoil park. Postoyte, but you claim that you improve space! And so you as, it appears, you improve: you take fine and you do tolerant, as in Kolomna. As in that joke about the millionaire who became a millionaire, having inherited one billion.

Well, strategy is clear. Now we will look at tactics. Let`s put, building a temporary phenomenon, noise and dirt it is necessary to suffer few years, and it will be good. Probably, now, when building the trifle is suspended, the set of zakhramoborets cares for the received territory and though it is a little about what surrounds it. I ask about it and I hear in reply that “any branch on a lawn will not lie“ and that “everything is accurately cut“. And whether it is useful for the nature? Branches, leaves, a grass are a huge value for park, this its food. Having cleaned a branch, on this branch the park was robed. If now city services do not know that they create, then let and really the church protected natural complexes from active ignorance of officials. If she does not know as how to do, then we will tell.

Hopes were not equaled. If on Chermyanka it happened to hear about command of the bible to burn groves of pagans, then on Torfyanka said that the nature in general will disappear, there will be a soul of the person. The appeal to feel life of surrounding trees caused rough laughter after which assurances that Orthodox Christians do not use foul language, ceased to impress me favourably. This laughter will be worse.

In general everything is already clear. Occupation of parks is a continuation of ancient opposition which result has to be a destruction of places of worship (sacred groves) and habitat of the opponent (atheists - pagans). And all - I continue to ask that it is better for park, a dense grass or flowers in an environment of a tiled covering. Definite answer: the wild grass will not be, all will make accurately. For people wide paths and spacious platforms will be made, roses, and any weed will blossom around. After such assurance it did not make sense to ask how they assumed that all park of Torfyank was a few days ago mown completely ruthlessly clean. They it is not aware that such territories can be mown not more often than once a year and no more than on a third (software - 743, point 4. 2. 13). However, and among defenders of park very few people knew about it, otherwise would not allow to scoff at park.

In what opposition on Torfyanka differs from other places of resistance to public annexation of territories? The fact that it relies on experience of others from which directly follows what to recede, at least temporarily - it means to lose park. To lose park all and forever. It in - the first.

I, in - the second, to us so often repeated that we are pagans and we worship the nature that it suddenly began to be perceived as truth. Yes, we the ancient wise people which lived in the millennia in harmony with the nature. The park is our temple. Construction in it an orthodox chapel as inadmissibly, as myaslyanichny festivities with jumping through a fire in Christ`s Temple. I believe, ROC would not like to receive the adequate response to blasphemous actions in relation to our sacred groves and to be responsible wholly for “the public actions expressing obvious disrespect for society and made for an insult of religious feelings of believers“ (Art. 148 of the criminal code of Russian Federation).