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It was poor, there was a night.

About people and defects.

For the believer new roads always reveal. The beautiful woman for it the tempter, sweets and attract to test them, money takes away from search of God in themselves and conducts only to good situation in society, such purposes lead to falling of soul. That is low who looks for pleasure in financial progress, is great comprehending the Universe and human essence.

Some people always see God, even speak with him one language. For such people the genius in any art, is an appeal to actions, mysteriousness of the world - desire to find themselves in it, great heroes - an indicator of strength of the person and aspiration of the person, sufferers speak about Sveta in every day. The wicked man and given, running from himself shows how it is impossible to do, the person going on a difficult way, who renounced everything, subjected himself to attacks and persecutions, but all for the sake of one great purpose - the real example.“ Read books serious“ Dostoyevsky learned. Indeed, reading serious books we learn the world, I taste great poets and composers we feel it, life becomes object of philosophy, the level of thoughts grows and already new values, later the high purposes appear, so the person finds individuality on which there can be wrinkles and grazes, the main thing to cure them. People double teach us to the fact that it is possible to be the fool, but generous, or clever, but weak, sometimes the person begins to be interested we will tell poetry, but remains in an initial stage, such person shows what needs to be gone all the way, also this person is coward, maybe not before people, but before himself precisely that most terrible. Sometimes the person rushes to extremes at loss something, he becomes a blind person. Remember Marius from Outcast, having lost Kozzeta, he went to revolution to devote itself(himself) to something at all to lose life. Remember Zhaver who having released Jean Valjean rushed in water. Zhaver what follow from those inveterate pragmatists only to themselves without seeing anything else. Zhaver followed the law, he was so a slave to the thoughts that did not trust in that, as the convict can be kind, did not trust in an act not peculiar to it, he without having understood gave the life, left the can be rise. The brand factor, the same Marius after Jean Valjean`s recognitions that was a convict almost expelled him, having forgotten that that brought up Kozzeta, having forgotten about everything, for it he is Jean Valjean the convict and no more than that. Only having learned that Jean Valjean was big good that Jean Valjean saved his life and renounced everything for the sake of Kozzeta`s education, he ran to kiss to it legs, but Jean Valjean already was near death. Never you uplift yourself, Jeanne Valjean can tell become to Saints, Kozzete and to Marius told that the sufferer, most great in the world, - Jesus Christ, most of all we owe it. Kozzeta found other center and began to forget Jean Valjean, but grew in it purity, pulled out it from slavery hands, and maybe death, but that forgot about it just in embraces of the beloved and also bivshis about a wall, apologized to Jean Valjean, do all in time and never forget the heroes, think more often, otherwise you will lose a lot of things and you will regret very much, no matter whom the person was earlier, important who is he now. And in the loose woman it is possible to see a flower, and in the convict it is possible to find the Saint. Big angrily in us, this big preface to great good, you remember it.

of All benefits to you.

I left a turn in the person of the evil

Ya looked forward and beheld Christ.