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What silly jokes undermine confidence to Wikipedia? Welcome

, the most available and fullest modern encyclopedia - Wikipedia. It - in many languages. In it - information of universal character. Its important plus is that it in electronic form.

There was Wikipedia, in general, incidentally. The idea to create the universal network encyclopedia came to mind to the enterprising and talented American Jimmy Wales. Well understanding network games, it at first treated the idea as to educational service of entertaining type. But later found out that in the Network there is no universal electronic encyclopedia at all. Having decided to fill this gap, Jimmy invited to Larry Senger`s cooperation - the scientist with degree of the doctor of philosophy. That set a condition at once: articles for future online - encyclopedias have to be very exact.

Condition of course, necessary. But it turned back a big problem. From - for need of careful verification of data in a year only 12 articles were published in the encyclopedia. It became clear that at such rates business will come to a standstill.

It was decided to grant the right to write articles to the users registered in the project. They could edit written by others. The option is productive. Now Wikipedia contains about 40 million articles in 237 languages! It became the most dear database around the world. Refer to it even in judgments. For example, in jurisprudence of Germany Wikipedia - telling argument at trial of contentious cases.

Everything would be perfectly, but in a honey flank tar spoons sometimes appear. Below the speech about cases when users of Wikipedia for fun intentionally were misled articles with wrong data will go. A record of existence of silly draw so far for American Dylan Brives about the coati small animal from a sort of enotovy.

In 2008 Dylan, being then still a student, saw article about this small animal in Wikipedia and made in it one short change, having added from itself for fun the phrase that the coati is known and as the Brazilian tubular anteater. Any reference to the source Dylan did not give information. None of other millions of users noticed lack of a reference to the source. But went in many editions of the reference to Wikipedia with this small animal. Moreover, at the Chicago university at the edition of the next scientific book referred to Brives`s editing too, having ignored all other information about the coati. Laughter and sin! The nonsense held on in the encyclopedia six years!

The rule that any Internet user can make the changes in Wikipedia - a two-edged sword. On the one hand, millions of readers - as editors, with another - are people who for fun under the guise of editing write any nonsense. Sometimes it oversteps all admissible limits. Of course, a huge number of readers of Wikipedia quickly notice a mistake and eliminate it. But there are jokes which for hours “hang“ on pages of Wikipedia. Here small list of most scandalous such “jokes“.

Senator Tad Kennedy in 2009 after Obama`s inauguration to some extent overate during a plentiful lunch in honor of this event. As a result of it took away at night in hospital. And in the morning in Wikipedia in article about senator someone under the guise of editing added words that Tad was brought to clinic in a wheelchair where he died. Edition of the American version of the encyclopedia had to apologize to senator.

Such “changes“ prematurely sent to the world other in this encyclopedia of many celebrities of the USA. Eventually, in the American edition of the encyclopedia made the decision to close a possibility of editing articles telling about the famous people.

Even more scandalous resonance appeared with “joke“ about Fidel Castro. After editing of article it was “enlisted“ in ranks of the best-known transsexuals. Editing was quickly cleaned. But “joke“ had loud continuation. It turned out (calculated to IP addresses) that editing of article was made in the American army division in Guangtamo in Cuba. It was necessary to apologize to the leaders of this country.

Still the program which (without the aid of people) checked reliability of the facts is not thought up. Perhaps, in the future it will appear. There is no absolute trust to the well-known network encyclopedia yet.