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Why it is impossible to be small and exacting?

“The little person“ is a feeling of the personality, than also the attitude of surrounding people towards such person is defined. In society the humane attitude towards any citizen, understanding of its needs, requirements is proclaimed, everyone has the right for realization of the desires. Whether it to “the little person“ concerns?

The little person is not about growth and age, it about a state of mind. Any soul wants something and not everyone will receive.

The Russian literature paid the attention to “the little person“ in 20 - 40 - x years of the nineteenth century, it was realism time in literature. As a rule, this character was represented by the simple harmless person, small mind and prosperity, a low social status. “The little person“ is ingenuous, is not endowed with abilities, but not deprived of desires.

Who forgot, read “The person in a case“, “Overcoat“, “Poor people“. Authors of works different, but precisely describe life of “the little person“. You will read and even you sympathize. Absolutely sadly, when “the little person“ begins to want from other people and life much.

Gogol`s characters, Chekhov, than Dostoyevsky were more modest, present - “small“ only soul, but not desires. The consumer society inspires indecent desires: it is more, more often, best of all! Not important, as well as for whose account though take the credit though steal, but get!

The less people, the more it pull to consume. Has the right, in desires there are no restrictions. The civilization was inclined to humanistic values, the accounting of interests of all disadvantaged, care of “little people“ is proclaimed though still strong eats tasty, rich becomes richer, and poor is poorer.

Probably, this situation does not depend on the proclaimed slogans and economic formations. But “little people“ want to trust in humanistic values and try not to notice severe reality.

It - how to ignore the law of gravitation: it can be denied, only to fall all the same painfully.

To want much harmfully if you “the little person“. Why?

1. It is possible to demand when you big and strong. The others can ask only modestly. For example, demands the USA, Ethiopia asks.

Behind the requirement of “big“ there is force, “small“ has no force. Weak can only elicit, and it is better not to want to it at all what will never be given because - it is not necessary.

Of course, weak can demand, but over it, at best, will laugh, as at the child who stamps legs and promises to carry a sandbox a toy pistoletik.

2. The person (or the state) seriously is perceived only in two cases: in - the first when it is possible to receive something useful from it, good, pleasant; in - the second when from it real threat of life proceeds, to health, finance, etc. to “The little person“ to threaten

there is nothing, it peace as a hamster, and same useful. You sometime saw an exacting hamster?

3. The world promised nothing to nobody therefore it should not. Big and strong prevails itself whose it was, it is good if within observance of the criminal code.

“The little person“ can only hope that will not forget about him when sharing resources, just he wants that did not forget. And unless someone promised to remember “hotelka of the little person“?

It is not necessary to think that “the little person“ bad therefore his requirements are ignored. For example, the five-year-old kid can be very good, but little depends on him that it is necessary to it - parents will solve. The toy store of desire of the child knows no limit, these borders are defined by adults.

Under all circumstances to be “a little person“ is a personal choice, perhaps, reasonable and favorable to the specific personality. In this choice there are pluses, it is only necessary to face the truth: requirements of “the little person“ are provided with nothing, concern nobody, and it is huge minus.