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What is the time the person can not sleep?

our daily life is divided into two periods - wakefulness and a dream. In the first condition of people it is active, is engaged in affairs, and in the second - it is passive and his organism is restored. At each of us the rhythm in it.

The relation to a dream in society was created in an extreme antiquity. Mainly it occurred at the religious level. How here not to remember Ancient Greek gods Hypnos and Morpheus? Other people had gods and goddesses too. Let`s tell, Slavs have god of a dream - the Dream, the goddess of dreams - the Sleepiness.

Normal adults should sleep not less than six - seven hours a day, children - have slightly more. But sometimes it happens that not so - that is easy to fall asleep. Reasons here different. Generally speak about sleeplessness. She is short-term and chronic. In medicine sleeplessness has the term - “insomniya“ (frustration of a dream). At modern rate of life to some extent each person faces sleeplessness.

To Insomny doctors call situational at its duration to twenty days. The main symptom of such sleeplessness - the overcome thirst for a sleepiness in the afternoon and impossibility then to fall asleep in a bed at night. At repetition of a situation there is an irritability which is not withdrawn by demulcents.

The bad dream affects health. The person becomes sluggish, easily gets tired, cannot concentrate and is irritated on any trifles. By researches it is proved that the sleep debt leads to serious failures in work of an organism. If the sleep debt becomes chronic, then the organism can not sustain. Not incidentally in old times one of tortures was is directed to a sleep deprivation. The person who was exposed to this torture was forced a beating to continuous wakefulness. Seldom who maintained such torture more than three days in a row, going crazy from a beating and a nerve strain.

But cases when people (owing to some urgent need) lost a dream and for longer period are known. And what deadline can be in it?

The lethal outcome usually comes for the eleventh days from - for cardiac arrest. Whether there are miracles? Yes, happen. For some reason the person who was normally sleeping earlier suddenly loses a dream. And not per day - two, week or month, and for years! At the same time he feels completely healthy, leads a former life and is distinguished with nothing from people around. In medicine absolute sleeplessness (that is incurable) is called the term “kolestit“. Actually there is a certain miracle. Though miracles, it seems, on light do not happen. From the point of view of science absolute sleeplessness - a disease. But the paradox is that any illness affects our health. And those who never sleep feel vigorous, do not complain of health. What occurs?

It is known that certain people sleep less, than it is necessary to sleep according to recommendations of doctors. And these people feel normally. At research they revealed BHLHE41 gene mutation. The changed gene was found not so long ago - in the middle of the past century. What was an incitement for a mutation - it is unknown. But quite is enough for people with the mutating gene for normal activity of four - five hours of a dream a day. It is possible to assume that in cases to absolute sleeplessness with the called gene there is something else at more thorough level.

In the world several people who do not sleep at all at the moment are known. In the territory of the former USSR it is the resident of Minsk Yakov Tseperovich. In 26 - summer age he got poisoned with wine, endured clinical death. Since that moment also ceased to sleep. In 1997 he was 43 years old, but physically he felt very young. Wrote about it at that time mass media of Belarus. Whether Yakov is living now - I do not know.

If it is good to look on the Internet, then it is possible to find information and from other countries. In particular, among lost for a long time a dream - Vietnamese Ngok Tkhay, Americans Is scarlet Harpin and D. Jones, Spaniard V. Medina, Englishman Yu. Barnett, Englishwoman Joan Moore. At different times in the past century and in present the science could not explain the reason of developing of absolute sleeplessness at three tens people. Someone did not sleep to the death ten years, someone - thirty, someone even fifty (a case with the resident of the former Yugoslavia Stanko Drazhkovich)! On the question “What Is the Time the Person Can Not Sleep?“ there is an answer: decades!