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True story of creation of “The Hound of the Baskervilles“ of

In a basis of a plot of “The Hound of the Baskervilles“ two mystical stories told Conan to Doyle by his friend Fletcher Robinson with whom he got acquainted in July, 1900 onboard the steamship “Briton“ when came back home from South Africa laid down. Both participated in English - Boer war; Doyle was a doctor of field hospital, Robinson - war correspondent of the Daley - the Express newspaper.

They very quickly made friends, and almost a year later, in March, 1901 when they met in Norfolk again to play golf, the friendship turned into some kind of creative cooperation. Everything began

with conversations about the English folklore. Whiling away evening behind a brandy decanter, the journalist told to Sherlock Holmes`s “father“ a legend which and formed subsequently the basis of the chilling manuscript read by doctor Dzheymsom Mortimer Holmsu and Watson on Baker - the street shortly before arrival in England of sir Henry Baskervilya, the successor from Canada.

More than possibly that the legend told by Robinson - only the next rehash of the ancient local legend about a furious magic dog - a wolfhound, known in Norfolk under the nickname of the Black Devil. The second, not less terrible story about an evil eskvayr, sir Richard Keyble who sold soul to a devil and whether dragged off in an underworld, whether broken off on pieces by pack of the demonic Canes Venatici who was not publishing contrary to an ordinary belief, any notorious “terrible howling“ on bogs, and, on the contrary, absolutely silent.

After these stories Fletcher Robinson invited the friend once to stay for a while with his family in Ippltona and, at the same time, to collect material for the new book. Apparently, “The Hound of the Baskervilles“ originally reflected as joint creation Doyle and Robinson`s Conan.

“Here, in Norfolk, with me Fletcher Robinson, and we gather to make a small book under the name “The Hound of the Baskervilles“ - such that at the reader hair will bristle!“ - Arthur Conan Doyle in the letter of the mother wrote.

Curious detail - Doyle borrowed a surname for the pursued noble family from Harry Baskervilya who was... Robinson`s driver. In March - April, 1901 Harry as it became clear, carried the owner and his guest - the writer on Dartmoor vicinities.

Many years later, in 1959, 88 - summer Baskervil declared: “Doyle wrote the book not one. Big pieces are written by Fletcher Robinson, but his merits were not recognized“.

Having agreed about a subject and the title of the story, Doyle and Robinson left, and in April met again to undertake a trip across Dartmoor - a scene of action of future book. They by Robinson`s house in Ipplpena, near New - Abbott were formed base. From here also they made sorties on bogs, like their gloomy spirit and planning places where, as envisioned, these or those events had to develop.

Meanwhile the plan of the book simple first began by itself to expand and become complicated. Perhaps, Conan Doyle realized only now how powerful material fell to it into hands, and understood that diamond of huge size, the strong main character, the person who would reveal a secret is necessary for such frame. That is why he decided to return to Sherlock Holmes`s life, seven years before “the Reykhenbakhsky falls which sank into the abyss“ in the Alps where it was meanly pushed off by professor Moriarty, the chief criminal of London, and others.

However, “to return to life“ - not absolutely exact, or rather not so exact expression. Painfully the great writer did not want to revive indeed two characters who once uplifted him on glory top, but it is not enough - Pomala turned from help into a burden. The attentive reader of “The Hound of the Baskervilles“ will see at once that action povestirazvorachivatsya to Holmes`s “death“ in streams of Reykhenbakhsky falls.

Conducting feverish research work and creating the work which was immortal, on April 2, 1901 Conan Doyle sent the letter of mother, again this time from Prinstaun where the unbearable prison from which the ill-fated Selden who fell the victim of a terrible dog ran is located: “We with Robinson climb bogs, collecting material for our book about Sherlock Holmes. I think, the book will turn out brilliant. As a matter of fact, I already scribbled nearly a half. Holmes turned out in all beauty, and I am entirely obliged by dramatic nature of idea of the book to Robinson“.

Even earlier, in March, Doyle wrote to the publisher of the Strend magazine, Grinkhau Smith, and offered it new work, having highlighted that he creates it in a co-authorship with the friend, Fletcher Robinson, and “his name by all means has to adjoin on a cover to mine. Both style, and relish, and all literary trash - completely mine … but Robinson gave me the main idea, attached to local color, and I consider that his name has to be mentioned … If you agree to process case, I would like to receive, as usual, fifty pounds sterling for each one thousand words“. However after Sherlock Holmes was entered into the story, the fee increased twice at once, and coauthors had to receive it in a proportion 3:1.

But when in August, 1901 in “Strenda“ the publication of “The Hound of the Baskervilles“ began, Robinson among authors did not appear at all though his name was mentioned in a footnote on the title page. Here is how it looked: “Emergence of this history became possible thanks to my friend, Mr. Fletcher Robinson who helped me to think up a plot and prompted realities. A. K - D.“

In the first British book edition of the story this inscription was replaced with the short address: “My dear Robinson, if not your statement of a legend of the Western Country, this history so never also appears. Many thanks for it and for the help with details. Your A. Conan - Doyle is most sincere“.

In the preface to “A complete collection of novels about Sherlock Holmes“ (1929) Doyle, appear, at all forgot about the help received from the friend: “The Hound of the Baskervilles“ - a result of the remark which is let fall by this good guy, Fletcher Robinson whose sudden death became loss for all of us. He told it to me about the illusive dog living near his house on Dartmoor bogs. The book, but a plot and each her word &ndash also began with this baize; mine and only my work“.

The success of new work surpassed all expectations. But right there across London rumors started walking that Doyle himself wrote this story. Some spitpoisons accused him even of murder of the true author of the book that that could not raise the claim for a masterpiece.

The matter is that in 1907, that is in five years after a publication of the book, 36 - summer Fletcher Robinson unexpectedly died under quite mysterious circumstances. According to the official version, typhus was a cause of death. However unlike victims of typhus of Robinson did not cremate, and buried on Saint Andrey`s cemetery (some connect his death with a damnation of the Egyptian artifact of The Unlucky Mummy).

The spouse of the journalist, Gladis Robinson, added fuel to the fire, having declared right after his death that he died from food poisoning in several days after return from business trip from Paris.

Some detectives - fans consider that symptoms are more similar to poisoning, than to death from typhus. Conan Doyle, in their opinion, poisoned the friend with opium tincture, without wishing to share the fees from “The Hound of the Baskervilles“ or that is more probable, being afraid of disclosure of secret of authorship. They believe that the great writer finished Gladis with whom he, according to some information, had a novel, to poison the husband. It is not excluded that Mrs. Robinson, by the way, not been even on the husband`s funeral, did not guess that gives it.

After death Conan of Doyle these rumors slowly came to naught. But later, in the late fifties, they renewed again.

As already I spoke, one of attacks to reputation Conan of Doyle was undertaken in the Daley Express newspaper from the real Baskervil, the driver who gave a surname to the main character. In March, 1959 eighty-eight-year-old Harry Baskervil unexpectedly declared that not Conan Doyle, but Fletcher who was at Artur someone like literary “Black“ wrote this story and in general supposedly the majority of works about Sherlock Holmes are written by Robinson.

After new charges from Baskervil the writer`s son Adrian Conan Doyle immediately stood up for the father. He made the angry letter in which he provided certificates that Robinson really was the author of idea and thought up all main lines of work, but then friendly “presented“ everything thought up to the friend Artur, believing that that will write much better.

Unfortunately, the letter it is stored in archive which is inaccessible to researchers, and contents it in large part remains to unknown. Nevertheless, the available data in general confirm Adrian Conan`s correctness - Doyle. Undoubtedly, Fletcher Robinson made an important contribution to the project, a contribution which Arthur Conan - Doyle subsequently, perhaps, considerably belittled. Robinson suggested initial idea (and Doyle recognized it in letters to mother and Grinkhau Smith) and probably helped to develop plot details, but the story, undoubtedly, Conan - Doyle is written. All remained fragments of the manuscript are removed it by a hand (including the text of a legend of The Hound of the Baskervilles) and almost without blots. Hardly such famous writer would begin to train for a new profession in the copyist and to copy earlier written Robinson`s text - little-known journalist - then to issue this text for the own letter.

Linguistic experts undertook fixed studying of works Conan of Doyle. But scrupulous linguistic examination concerning “The Hound of the Baskervilles“ to prove hundred - percentage authorship Doyle or Robinson`s Conan it could.

the Main achievement Conan - Doyle - revival of an image of Sherlock Holmes without which “The Hound of the Baskervilles“ would never gain that popularity which enjoys and until now. Perhaps, without Holmes this novel would be half-forgotten now, having shared unenviable lot of the majority created Conan - Doyle of “horror films“

Very doubtfully that Robinson was poisoned Conan - Doyle who wanted to hide an original role it in creation of “The Hound of the Baskervilles“ and the flirtation with the journalist`s spouse. In - the first, Conan - to Doyle was nothing to hide: he from the very beginning recognized Robinson`s participation in work on the book though over time this recognition is not enough - Pomala came to naught. In - the second, Arthur Conan - Doyle could not “have in any way an affair“ with Robinson`s spouse because he in a time of writing of “Dog“ used the spouse sick with a consumption and, besides, was unconscious is in love with a certain Jean Lecky who in 1907 became his second wife.