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Why to acquaint children with the nature?

Reasonings of the educational psychologist, the operating tutor, about for what and what methods it is necessary to acquaint children with the nature.

Summer - very suitable time to broaden the child`s horizons.

Even if mother has no holiday (and I hope that all - is, and my many readers - happy unemployed mothers), I think, it is possible to find time for communication with the child. Days are long, evenings warm, a flying weather, mood - excellent! Everything turns green around and blossoms, is dismissed and ripens. More suitable period to tell more the child about the nature, it is difficult even to think up!

I want to tell a little about why it is so important to acquaint the child with the nature and to learn to see its beauty.

The first sense, without exaggeration, the psychologist - philosophical. The nature - one of power sources, harmonies, inspiration for the person. The nature “treats“ us, calms, gives us a pacification and satisfaction with life. But not everything, but only to those lucky who “are able to be connected“ to this source of forces and energy.

That who derives pleasure not only from basketfuls of forest mushrooms and berries, that who is able to enjoy juicy green color of foliage, fervent bird`s trills, magic forest smells - solar pines, the fallen-down foliage, shady freshness, fragrant wild strawberry. For many people all this is an empty phrase, but, thank God, not for all. The nature can generously endow us with energy, sincere harmony, new desires and ideas - if we want it, we will be adjusted on this wave.

Many of us fell in love with the nature in the childhood - went with parents or grandmothers - grandfathers to the wood, bathed in the small river, helped to work with a kitchen garden, landed seedling on a bed. We were very lucky because many people, unfortunately, are not able to appreciate this communication with the nature, top of their dreams of summer holiday at all - rest in five-stars hotel and excursion on hot dusty streets. It if is money and the imagination. And for someone summer holiday is just beer on a small bench in the yard and infinite series on the TV.

Dear mothers, think, please, here of what - right now, exactly today, this summer you put interests of the child, his system of values, views of the world. What will be important, valuable, interesting to your child when he grows up? Expensive resorts? Video games? Fashionable beautiful things? You think, it will be solved when to the child 17 - 20 years are executed? No, everything is put now when to the child 2, 5, 8 years. Of course, our children will be strives for prosperity, expensive gadgets, prestigious belongings. All this will be obligatory, it is inevitable. But if there is besides nothing else in life of our children (the nature, art, creativity, poetry, interesting books, sport, forest walks), means our children emptiness and inspirituality will expect. Eternal boredom which you try to fill with new things, empty chatter, and even an overeating or alcohol. Exactly today we lay the foundation for future life of our children. A lot of things depend on us, please, always remember it!

In - the second, acquaintance to the nature can give to the child much in the intellectual plan. All mental processes - attention, memory, the speech, thinking, imagination - develop in activity! For development of the child vigorous, live, interesting activity in the nature, in the fresh air, than a prosizhivaniye over the developing notebooks can give much bigger effect! For study at us was the whole 9 months, now there came vacation! We will repeat and consolidate the gained knowledge, but by other methods and on new material! Several my following articles will be devoted to what and as it is possible to be engaged with the child in the summer, and now my task - to convince you that it is very important! The nature is so rich and various, it offers us such amount of impressions, ideas, materials! Let`s not pass by this generosity, we will use all this wealth for development of our children!

And in - the third, in the summer the Russian nature comes to life and appears at us in all the beauty! I consider, it is simply silly - not to seize the opportunity to visually show and tell the child about a variety of plants, their life cycles, adaptation to environment right now when the can see all this eyes, and then, in the winter, to pore over the training notebooks or textbooks on “World around“ - “connect leaflets to names of trees“! It is necessary to study the nature in the summer! A picture is worth a thousand words (and it is even better - not one, and many times!), than to hear hundred times (or to see on the picture in the textbook the tiny photo!) I will note for those who are not familiar with modern programs for elementary school yet - now “World around“ became one of objects in which rather big stock of knowledge is necessary for pupils already at receipt in school. To the child who does not know names of trees, bushes, grassy plants he is not familiar with their appearance, features of their life, it is necessary with some difficulty already in the first quarter of the first class! Do not neglect it, preparation for school is not only ability to read, write and consider, is also certain level of development of an outlook, existence of the systematized knowledge of the nature!

And what the nature means to you? Who when and how taught to love you and to understand the nature? How you give it to the children?

I congratulate you on approach of the summer loved by all of us! I wish all of us pleasant rest, fascinating