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Man`s loneliness. How there is a deficiency of brides in Russia?

five years as Russia marked out all the sons and daughters the last population census which is carried out in 2010 - m. It appears, women at us are 10,5 million more, than men. It follows from this that brides has to be enough, but alas... Let`s talk about the compelled man`s loneliness aged from 20 to 30.

Five years as Russia marked out all the sons and daughters the last population census which is carried out in 2010 - m. Data it are not stored in confidential archives and for a long time collect dust on distant and dark shelves of the Internet.

Someone it is lazy walked on all this a lot of tables, having collected vershoks: the population decreases - a nightmare; the institute of marriage hands over positions - horror; women are 10,5 million more, than men - oho, poor women. In general, on volume identification of any interesnost from huge data array was also stopped. The question of more detailed consideration of a sexual ratio of the population became ripe for a long time, time to take, at last, the calculator and to bare to the world the bleeding ulcers of the Russian demography came.

Dry figures of statistics

Many for certain know that initially in the world of boys is born more. In absolute majority of the countries figure this rather steady, it does not change over time and is a ratio: 105 newborn boys on 100 girls. In a number of the countries with special population policy of the government of figure others, but we will not be about it, in the Russian Federation the situation is quite so: on ten roddomovsky little girls statistically ten and a half children.

Here It is necessary to tell how in general all this system reflected the nature: guys act as an expendable material, jumping by bicycle from the mountain in a heap of cactuses, and to age of consent the ratio of men and women has to be leveled, in principle. As a result all sob with happiness - thanks, the nature! And how everything occurs actually?

In severe reality the number of women begins to prevail over the number of men only after a threshold in 30 years that already, as if, not absolutely age of consent, I would even tell, it is age of the second marriage wind. But a statistics dirty trick even not in it, mismatches especially strongly beat young guys. The matter is that both her age-mates, and all other men with the maximum age striving for infinity apply for the young girl at her fine age 20 years. In 25 years apply for the girl as her age-mates, and … I think, clear. At the same time representatives of a fine half of mankind willingly accept courtings of more adult and wealthy men, thereby without ulterior motive dooming a great number of young guys to the compelled loneliness.

How all this looks in figures? Russia - the country of traditional institute of a family and marriage, and census statistics very much even provides data who at what age was married and when divorced, to us.

So, in table 1 it is shown how many it is the share of one thousand people of the population married, divorced / vdovy and being never married, data are divided on gender and age. If to analyse - it will become clear that lonely young guys seriously lack lonely young girls, and to women after thirty five - lonely age-mates. How many it is the share free women in the relevant age group of one free man - it is specified in table 2.

Here the terrible skeleton is also hidden in this case at gender and age structure of the Russian Federation: a great number of women after 35 purely physically cannot find to themselves couple because men of the corresponding age deigned to leave for the country of eternal hunting. But did not feel sorry for these women still unless the heartless deaf, blind and mute seaman who in flight it is constant.

One more huge problem of demography always remained in the shadow: young guys sharply lack girls. Only 8 unmarried coevals are the share of ten unmarried guys aged from 20 till 30 years. How such “little girls cost to you aside“? And applying the rule of the maiden choice of more adult and wealthy men also to the illegitimate relations, we understand that the situation becomes absolutely depressing. At least 14% of total number of men to 30 cannot find to themselves the free companion of life, and it is every seventh, by the way.

the Tragedy of lonely guys

them do not remove

O movies, such as “Young and lonely, or all women about …“, do not write popular books, their vital drama at all almost never gets under someone`s looks, guys never cry and do not complain. Young people have always all under control and everything is normal. But is not present, not normally.

All in the world look for the couple, all want to love and be darlings, but not all get the piece of happiness. Demography introduces the amendments, and its strongest blow is assumed by men at the fine age which is specially intended for love and romanticism. In the Russian Federation more than two million guys are younger 30 which just quantitatively did not get the beloved. They do not shout, do not lift howl, try to find the reason - can, something with them not so. At someone something leaves, at many all and it is necessary to stand on a dead point.

The guy - and in a stream went to study as four hundred children only five little girls; tried to strike up acquaintance in clubs - does not leave, not its circle of contacts; went to work - there are several pleasant colleagues, naturally, everything is married; tried on a dating site - so people there absolutely for another gather, and besides men on such websites are twice more, than women. And life flows away, years fly, and no miracle everything occurs, no fatal meeting rushes into its existence. The loneliness presses more and stronger, skills of communication with women do not increase in any way, there is no incentive to development any, nobody will encourage, will inspire on creativity, the offense collects. Life is unenviable, and they are doomed.

The high competition for women among men missed through a prism of the Russian mentality does not increase at all man`s desire to become better and to take away the girlfriend at the neighbor; she acts exactly the opposite: not demand at an opposite sex drives guys in a depression and alcoholism. Generally the burden of loneliness lays down on silent and modest guys, those for whom such vital blow is most painful. And leaves that intellectual color of the nation instead of studying of a surface of Mars is forced to study a bottle bottom.

Nobody shoots reportings on man`s loneliness, nobody writes about it articles, it, it seems, and exists even, and all bachelors in the country are singles on belief, but not the victims of circumstances. Only with coming of an era of the Internet shy stories here, there began to make the way through thickness of human ignorance.

Is to young guys in Russia very not easy: the country of nepotism and bribery where the qualified honest work is necessary to nobody, poverty, aggressive society, is not present opportunities for development. And in a makeweight still it becomes clear, as women will never be enough for all, and many so and will not be able to learn pleasures of love, having found in them though some incentive to further life and development.

Be continued.