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What delusions are connected with hedgehogs? These

amusing small animals live on Earth already fifteen million years! They concern mammals. Eat mainly insects. Main and the most noticeable at hedgehogs - their needle. There are many delusions connected with these lovely animals.

These amusing small animals live on Earth already fifteen million years! They concern mammals. Eat mainly insects. Main and the most noticeable at hedgehogs - their needle. They represent the horny hair. At an adult hedgehog on a body to six thousand needles!

In the nature scientists counted nineteen species of hedgehogs. In the territory of the former USSR their seven types. Most often the ordinary hedgehog meets. There are many delusions connected with these lovely animals. I will try to list some.

It is For some reason considered to be that the hedgehog better than a cat catches mice. For this reason try to allure specially hedgehogs to housing, pouring it in a saucer milk. However hedgehogs catch mice in the nature very nasty. Why? For the reason that kosolapa, when walking create a lot of noise. Certainly, the hedgehog not bad runs. But noise creates even more here, than when walking. What mouse will begin to wait for a hedgehog - the hunter? Only sick or too careless. Such mice sometimes also come across to hedgehogs.

Primanivaniye of hedgehogs to housing - barbarous reception. Though they concern mammals and bring up ezhat milk, it does not mean at all that the adult hedgehog can eat it too. The stomach at an adult hedgehog is not adapted for good processing of milk. The hungry hedgehog, certainly, will drink milk from a saucer. And what else to it to eat, being locked up at home? But the drunk milk will turn back diarrhea for a hedgehog. If not to ask for the help the veterinarian - the outcome can be deadly to a small animal.

Usually the hedgehog is drawn on the picture with apple or a mushroom on a back. And here again delusion. That and another hedgehogs do not eat. And to pin on needles to them there is no need. But another is known. Hedgehogs in search of food get into such places where they “cling“ a great number of ticks. And as they small, easily slip between needles and stick into skin. To get rid of these parasites, hedgehogs long look for forest apple-trees. And having found them, fall sideways and rub about the decaying fruits. Some of them can be pinned on needles. But only sideways, and in any way not on the top of a back. Ticks do not love sour smells and partially abandon hedgehogs.

If you were going “to shelter“ at yourself a hedgehog, remember surely pincers. They can get to you to the house with this small animal. If in your district there is a risk of infection with encephalitis, then this most dangerous illness can be transferred to you from a sting of a tick and in house conditions.

A popular belief and that hedgehogs do not bite. Still as bite the small and sharp teeth! Especially, if are angry. And with a sting dangerous diseases - encephalitis, rage, helminthosis also can get to your blood.

And now about other delusions - more neutral.

Hedgehogs and porcupines - at all do not consist in the related relations. Though that and others have needles. But hedgehogs and porcupines “are registered“ in absolutely different “categories“. Porcupines are rodents.

Many with confidence say that the main enemy of a hedgehog - a fox. It, having seen a hedgehog, tries to manage to grasp him by the stomach bottom which is not protected by needles. Certainly, the hedgehog is quickly turned in a ball from continuous needles. What is done farther by a fox? It carefully begins to roll a nose this ball to a pool, small rivers, lakes and there pushes together it in water. The hedgehog not to choke, is forced to be developed from a ball and to float. Namely it is also necessary from it for a fox: it right there is enough it for a bottom of a stomach and bites through. But hedgehogs perfectly know about this cunning of the red scandal-monger therefore they try to steer clear of water. The fox manages to regale on gentle echinoid meat very seldom.

But an eagle owl (the night robber) there is enough hedgehog with claws even through needles. And as hedgehogs too night hunters, come across to eagle owls in a large number. But why eagle owls about needles will not be wounded? Paws at them are covered with powerful “armor“ - strongly horny skin. Having seized a hedgehog with claws, the eagle owl breaks off him on part and tears out meat a beak.

Hedgehogs are loved, fairy tales and animated films are devoted to them. But do not forget also that with these darlings, amusing small animals connected also certain delusions.