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What the general at “A pink panther“ and “The Thorn Birds“? The composer Henry Mancini of

Is so that you watch TV and in advertizing hear a melody which clings for soul and there is a wish to find, listen surely to it completely. “Moon River“ - one of such songs. It can be heard not only in commercials, but also in many foreign movies and series. The author of this song - the famous American conductor and the film composer Henry Mancini.

Henry Mancini (Henry Mancin) - one of the best composers of America. This is the person of rare talent creating year after year for nearly five decades music to movies and series. Its works are so known that even today many of its masterpieces can be learned from the first notes.

He wrote music to nearly 500 movies and TV series, let out 90 albums. It was conferred the award “Oscar“ for the music. Won the mass of awards and prizes among which there are 20 prizes “Gremmi“, 2 nominations on “Emmie“, “the Gold Globe“ and a special award “For vital achievements“.

How Henry Mancini began the way to music? In Cleveland, the State of Ohio, in a family of emigrants from Italy Kuinto and Anna Mancini was born on April 16, 1924 on light the son - Enrico Nikola Mancini (Enrico Nicola Mancini). This real name of Henry Mancini. Soon after the boy`s birth the family moves to St. Petersburg, Penselvaniya`s staff.

Observing as the father acts with local group, playing a flute, Henry begins to love music. He studies playing a flute and a piano. The teacher - Max Adkins (Max Adkins), and receipt in Dzhuliardi`s School becomes a significant figure on the way of studying of music. In New - York in 1942 Adkins acquaints Mancini with Benny Gudman (Bendjamin David Goodman), representing it as the talented and promising arranger.

During World War II of Mancini it was called up for military service by the USA. It was distributed in infantry. Acquaintance to Glen Miller (Glenn Miller) opens for Mancini an opportunity to switch from service in infantry to work in ensemble, and it used this chance.

After Henry Mancini`s war continues to work as the arranger and the pianist in the jazz - Glen Miller`s orchestra.

Music for Henry Mancini was everything: favourite hobby, creative activity, work and a link in the personal relations. Music connected his heart once and for all to his future spouse - Virginia O`Konar (Virginia O`Connor). In the fall of 1947 they celebrated a wedding. In their union three children were born: Monica, Chris and Felicia (Monica Mancini, Chris Mancini, Felice Mancini).

In 1952 Henry Mancini for the first time wrote music for cinema. In the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany“ Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn) executed its work “Moon River“ and won “Oscar“ for the best song.

Except composer activity, Henry Mancini became famous and as the master of arrangements. He carried out more than fifty performances a year. He conducted all known symphonic orchestras of the world. Took part in performances for the English royal family. Went on tour with singers Johnny Mathis (John Mathis) and Andy Williams (Andy Williams) who sang many its songs.

The most known works of Henry Mancini: “The Pink Panther“, “Moon River“, “Charade“, “Lujon“, “Peter Gunn“, “Baby Elephant“, “Walk The Day Of Wine And Roses“, etc.

“the Pink Panther“, “The shot in the dark“ is known to the Russian viewer Henry Mancini as the composer to such movies as “Peter Gunn“, “Imitation of life“, “Big races“, “The Thorn Birds“, “A breakfast at Tiffany“, “Kate and Leo“, “Let`s dance“ other

More than fifty years Henry Mancini actively worked and created the works. The serious illness (pancreatic cancer) introduced the amendments in destiny of the musician. In 1994, at the age of 70 years, Henry Mancini finished creative and a course of life.

The post service of the USA in 2004 let out memorable 37 - tsentovy brand in honor of Henry Mancini.