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How budgetary to spend the holidays? Five good ideas of

First that it is important to consider when planning the rest - you do not pursue low cost, you should not save on everything. Otherwise instead of a long-awaited relax you get heartburn, irritation and bitter memories. Try on on yourself five simple and available ideas how brightly to spend the holidays in the conditions of crisis.

You prepare for holiday, but your personal finance strongly object against it? Without panic! There are hundreds of different types of rest, and not just standard beach rest on the directions, popular before crisis.

Look narrowly at the options of the budgetary rest described below.

1. You descend in a campaign.

With spending the night in tents, with the food cooked on a fire with the parking on the bank of the beautiful, pure lake. The nature at us is fantastically rich in such remarkably beautiful places.

If to gather in a campaign the big, amicable company, then the cost of such rest will be minimum, and pleasant impressions receive to the maximum.

2. A photo - tourism.

Social networks strongly entered our life, from there even for ears not to pull out many people. Find the places which are most attracting you on the globe and gather at way - the road. Make and after a trip lay out in the Network unforgettably beautiful pictures, on envy to the friends and colleagues, two weeks the lain seal on the beach. Such trip at the price will cost cheaper overseas resorts and it will be many times more fascinating.

3. Festival. by

Now in Russia holds a lot of the most various festivals (historical, musical etc.) . Choose that to you to liking, and go there with light baggage. It is a good opportunity to plunge more deeply into the subject interesting you and to communicate to adherents, to people who are hotly keen on the business.

4. Useful rest.

“Efficiency“ - it the word already “got“ all of us, so often it sounds at office and on business social networks. But nevertheless we will pay to it a tribute.

You like to study and develop? Then choose the training or a seminar which is taking place this weekend in other city and at once buy tickets there. So you also gain knowledge, and will have a good time among people who, as well as you, like to work on yourself. You will strike up new acquaintances, sight-see the new city, and will be then to whom on a visit to arrive.

5. At all there are no money and an opportunity to leave? Then arrange to yourself super - saturated walk and a photo - hunting on the city .

Take the camera and feel the curious tourist - the guest in the hometown. It will be able to pull out you from daily occurrence, will not demand money and the mass of photos will turn out to spread them in the Network a few months more.

Independently to begin to see money or ways of their preservation, get used to think of the following categories:

- to save - it does not mean it is worse to live;

- simple sharpness and a couple of minutes on the Internet can relieve the family budget of big holes;

- there is a mass of ways to pay less even where it seems it is unreal;

- always there is what is bought on a habit, but for a long time it is not required.

Good to you rest!