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What was Pushkin in love? The Donzhuansky list

In archives of the poet remained the document representing the list of names of women with whom it was ever in love. Actually, it was not one list, but two. In the first list the poet imprinted names of the women who inspired it the most serious feelings. In the second - easier romantic love.

Pushkin outlined all these names in Elizabeth Nikolaevna Ushakova`s album in Moscow in winter 1829 - 30 - x years. At researchers of creativity of Pushkin he also received the name of the Donzhuansky list.

During this period Pushkin often was in Ushakov` house where the center of society of steel two of adults of the daughter - Ekaterina and Elizabeth. The poet looked after both of them, but slightly, in the form of a joke. In the same time it resumed the attempts to achieve N. N. Goncharova`s hand.

The Donzhuansky list is something like a joke of the poet, he, according to researchers, is not stout.

First part of the list:

Natalya 1

Katerina 1

Katerina of 2

of NN

of Book of Avdotiya


Katerina of 3







Katerina of 4



Part second:




of Alexander












of Evgeny

of Alexander


We will consider in more detail some love episodes from life of the Russian poet.

The Donzhuansky list opens a name of Natalya. Among biographers there is no full unanimity in about what Natalya there is a speech. In Tsarskoye Selo Pushkin was familiar with three women with such name.

The maid of the maid of honor Valuyeva was Natalya. From - for it to the poet there was the following history. Towards in dark corridors of the palace the female figure got to it. Pushkin was sure that it is the maid Natalya, and embraced her. When it happened, he looked at the face and saw that before it the princess V. M. Volkonskaya. The high-ranking persons knew of this history, and the director of Lyceum was costed by many efforts to elicit to guilty Pushkin forgiveness. This history happened in the second half of 1816.

The second version of love is connected with other female image - the countess Natalya Viktorovna Kochubey who was also living in Tsarskoye Selo, in 1817 visiting Imperial Lyceum.

And, at last, the third pretender to a rank of the first love Pushkina in the opinion of biographers - the serf actress of theater of troupe of the count V. V. Tolstoy as Pushkin in one of the poems - “priestess Talyi“ wrote (i.e. the actress).

About it Pushkin wrote:

The pretty priestess Talyi of

the Cupid Saw Natalya`s

I delights in heart! to

So, Natalya, I admit,

Ya is charmed by you: of

For the first time still - I am ashamed -

B female delights is in love.
the Brisk, cheerful rhythm of the couplets devoted to Natalya proves to

easy temper of feeling which Natalya inspired in the poet. This Lyubov was, according to biographers, the real childishness. However next year Pushkin`s heart was seriously affected by Katerina 1 (in the list), i.e. Ekaterina Pavlovna Bakunina, the sister of the companion on Lyceum.

About this love Pushkin left entry in the diary:

“So, I was happy, so, I enjoyed,

the Joy silent, reveled in delight.

I where fun fast day?

Flew in the summer of a dream,

Withered a charm of pleasure,

I round me gloomy boredom a shadow again.

I was happy!... No, I was not happy yesterday: on morning I suffered expectation, with indescribable nervousness standing under a window, looked at the snow road - it it was not visible!... suddenly, unintentionally I meet it on a ladder, - sweet minute! As it was lovely! As the black dress stuck to lovely Bakunina! But I did not see it 18 hours - ah! What situation, what flour! But I was happy five minutes“

Pushkin`s love for Bakunina lasted almost all 1816 (when studying researches about Pushkin I found some discrepancies in their chronology, however the dates specified in sources are reflected in our article). For this year he wrote several elegies in which love melancholy reigned, but in the relations between the poet and his darling nothing is told about real events. It is supposed that all this typically youthful novel caused several fleeting meetings on a porch or in park. In the fall of Bakunina moved to live to St. Petersburg, and Pushkin strongly endured separation.

But youth and the first literary progress began to whirl it in the whirlpool, and Bakunina was forgotten over time.

Not all beloved of Pushkin were reflected in his donzhuansky lists. There are names restored by his biographers in serious researches, but we will continue the movement along our list.

So, Avdotiya, or princess Eudoxia Ivanovna Golitsyna. The woman, according to contemporaries, very uncommon. Pushkin got acquainted with it after an exit from Lyceum (It graduated from lyceum in 1817). It was nearly 20 years more senior than Pushkin, but struck him with the beauty and courtesy. She was married by the emperor Pavel to the rich, but ugly and stupid prince S. M. Golitsyn (as authors of researches claim). After Pavel`s death she got divorced from husband and began to keep in the house one of secular salons in St. Petersburg. Contemporaries characterized it not as just the mistress and as “the priestess of some high and pure service“.

In December, 1817 N. Karamzin wrote Vyazma: “The poet Pushkin at us in the house fatally fell in love with a pifiya Golitsyna and now spends at it evenings: lies from love, becomes angry from love, only does not write from love yet“.

Messages of friends of Pushkin in personal correspondence about his love to the princess Galitsynoy are dated 1817, 1818, means these years Avdotya reigned in his mind and heart.

The most mysterious in Pushkin`s lists are two letters NN which stand between names of Katerina 2 and princesses Avdotya.

Who is behind these letters? Researchers are confused in guesses. Even before the reference in Pushkin`s life there passed some very big and serious one-way love. About this love friends and contemporaries of the poet are silent. As though does not tell anything directly and he. But indirect signs of this love are disseminated in its verses. During this period of one-way love Pushkin loses the creative ability to a writing of poetry (that happened to it in hours and days of sincere concern more than once). Creative crisis happened at the beginning of 1820 and was the deepest and sharp of all the subsequent.

In chapter 1 of “Eugene Onegin“ Pushkin speaks:

Love mad alarm

Ya it is desolate tested.

It is blissful who combined

with it the Fever of rhymes: it that doubled

of Poetry sacred nonsense,

to Petrarch striding after,

A of flour of heart calmed,

Caught also glory meanwhile;

But I, loving, it was silly and mute.
This sincere grief is heard by

about one-way love also in other poems. For example, he writes to elegies “The Sun Went Out“:

... former Nothing cured hearts of wounds,

of Deep wounds of love,


In the poem “Desire“ (1821) such lines indicating disappearance of the Pushkin genius are:

And you, my thoughtful lira whether you Will find

again lost sounds?
gradually will pass

But this condition of loss of love and talent, life will prevail again, and Pushkin will tell about it so:

Objects of proud chants

Will wake my fallen asleep genius.

(the poem “War“, 1821)

In the poem “Caucasian Captive“ the poet will also represent the hero, the double, with the pomertvely, devastated soul which endured in the homeland unfortunate love.

A bit later Pushkin will have new warm hobbies in the Crimea. But, recognizing autobiographical value of “The Caucasian captive“, biographers of the poet do not deny his fact of “northern love“ to whom it would not concern.