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Lebedev`s gun of PL - 14. What it, next “substitute of the gun of Makarov“?

This gun were shown to general public quite recently, on June 16, 2015, at the All-Russian forum “Army - 2015“. The Kalashnikov concern positions the new development as the universal gun, substitute of the legendary gun of Makarov.

It is new, to tell more precisely - the latest! And yes, it is absent yet as if. But it is! For the first time the gun was shown to “general public“ on June 16, 2015 at the All-Russian forum “Army - 2015“. Article in Wikipedia appeared on June 17, 2015. What did not arrange military Yarygin`s gun which is already taken advantage and “the Russian Glok“, the gun “Martin“, it “to AF with - 1 Strike One“?

With Yarygin`s gun more - less everything is clear. It is taken advantage in 2003., It seems, passed all put tests. However practice showed the return! Well does not pull this gun on general neither on reliability, nor on weight (950 g without cartridges), nor on a resource (only 5000 shots). In comparison with legendary “Makarov“ loss in all respects, except the power of the shot: at Makarov of 350 J, at Yarygin 450 and above. But it not the advantage of the weapon, and just different boss. Makarov has 9õ18 mm, Yarygin has 9õ19 mm the Automatic pistol. Quality of production, besides, is much higher at Makarov`s gun.

With the gun “Martin“ other history. It just did not pass the put tests. “Tests of the gun “Martin“ began and ended. The gun showed the insolvency being to the offered our military consumers“. CEO Tsniitochmash Dmitry Semizorov. Source: a tape ru from 28. 11. 2014.

And in spite of the fact that the Arsenal Firearms firm (the developer and the producer of the gun) eliminated the specified defects, on re-testing the weapon was not allowed.

What has to be the modern military gun? Powerful, exact, reliable and convenient. Universal in application. To use a widespread cartridge. And also to be long-range, skorostrelny, with high-capacity shop, and … convenient in daily carrying and use. It is desirable that in the conditions of severe Russian winter the gun did not refuse and would be convenient in use for the military personnel in thick winter gloves! Dreams, dreams …

I here the next applicant for replacement of “old man Makarov“ steps on the Russian stage. Lebedev`s gun of a sample of 2014, in abbreviated form PL - 14. So far only the prototype presented by Kalashnikov concern.

Technical characteristics:

Weight, kg: 0,8-0,99.

Length, mm: 220.

Length of a trunk, mm: 127.

Width, mm: 28.

Height, mm: 136.

Boss: 9õ19 mm Automatic pistol.

Calibre, mm: 9.

Type of ammunition supply: box-shaped shop on 15 cartridges.

Source: Wikipedia.

As an exit of this model next “the Russian superweapon which does not have analogs“ was absolutely unexpected, profile forums and pages in social networks just blew up! Well as, an occasion - that what!

What it was succeeded to learn from avaricious official statements?

“The concept of the gun is developed in common with specialists of law enforcement agencies of Russia and the leading shooters - athletes of our country. Universality “PL - 14“ will allow to use it not only as the military weapon for army and police, but also as the sports gun for competitions of various class“, - the CEO of the company Alexey Krivoruchko noted.

Advantages of a new prototype are separately emphasized:

1. Thickness in the thickest place of 28 mm.

2. Bilateral arrangement of governing bodies.

3. The long, hard descent allowing to hold a finger during fight on a trigger.

4. The boss`s indicator in a cartridge chamber felt “to the touch“.

5. Unique feature of this gun is highlighted: “the changed geometry of a cartridge chamber allows to shoot cartridges with a non-standard length of a sleeve (defective)“. For what it is made, unclear.

6. The gun will be issued, it seems, in sports option - with a plastic frame, and in the military - with a steel frame.


1. Modern design. PL - 14 is suspiciously similar to the gun “Martin“ developed by the Russian private company which did not pass a military competition. Outside. Inside - I do not know, the photo in unassembled form of this weapon did not come across to me yet.

2. Rather powerful cartridge, too plus for the military gun.

3. “Looked and did some shooting. It is very ergonomic. When firing does not throw. It is a little rather big for carrying in an operational holster. There is a marker of lack of a cartridge in a cartridge chamber“, - a response from the website special troops. org.

4. Planck Pikatinni a certain modern charm gives to the weapon.

5. The indicator of presence of the boss in a cartridge chamber - unambiguous plus! The gun is often used in complete darkness, and the nobility whether the boss in a cartridge chamber is loaded, it is just necessary!

6. Possibility of work as the right and left hand.

7. Quite high resource: when using “armor-piercing“ 7H21 10 000 shots are guaranteed, when using other ammunition - not less than 40000. Compare to Yarygin`s gun with guaranteed nastrely in 1000 shots.


1. The first that is evident: the drowned, smoothed tags of a safety lock, barrier delay, rather small trigger bracket and the small area of capture of a lock nullify all other advantages of the gun as army weapon! The one who developed it at least once thought of the Yakut frosts? And about a shaking of hands when during fight from you just whips adrenaline? Reason: “The concept of the gun is developed in common with specialists of law enforcement agencies of Russia and the leading shooters - athletes of our country“. Only the military gun is intended for the solution of a bit different tasks, firing in the war and in a dash are two big differences! Generally, large, fat minus.

2. The second: sizes. 220 mm! Somebody take a ruler and look how many it! Of course, military are people dependent, but from - for big dimensions and inconvenience of carrying once hastily changed Stechkin`s “supergun“ for more flat, small and convenient Makarov`s guns in carrying. Such impression that this history taught nobody to nothing and the gun people, very far from army everyday life, developed.

3. And wooden overlay for handles! And what, the gun will never get neither to water, nor to dirt, and in dense fog to wrap it in a film? Pre-war a TT and that already had a plastic slip! However, the fact that the prototype is shown to “general public“ calms and the gun will go to mass production with human, but not glamourous slips.

4. Gun weight - nearly 1 kg. A question to developers: really it was impossible to apply modern lungs and strong plasticity?

5. And still, the gun is announced as universal, the PM type. And why, for example, to the militiaman such healthy pig on one side which, most likely, he will never apply? Whether the Kalashnikov concern is going to release the shortened version of this gun, the secret is big is.

6. Whether very mass release of the new army gun will be able quickly to adjust the Kalashnikov concern? Let`s remember history. “From announcement of a dukhovushka of MT - 514 to a series, passed years 8“, - from a forum ganz. ru. It is possible to object that it is, say, civil production. Well, other example. Yarygin`s gun taken advantage in 2003 did not become the mass weapon in army divisions … A question even not of money, they will be found. The question is in that, how fast it is possible to start absolutely new production and whether there will be a quality of mass production same faultless, as at exhibition prototypes.

A separate innovation which will be both plus, and minus: descent very hard. The effort of descent is more, than at the revolver the Revolver (3,5 kg), and this gun is considered a standard of very heavy descent. The effort on a trigger is higher, the it is heavier to hold the weapon on the line of an aiming. It is minus. And plus - sharply decreases probability of a casual shot in extreme conditions when hands shiver and lose sensitivity.