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How to become the long-liver? Planets

We can add “Blue zones“ at least ten years to the life and escape from many diseases. “Blue zones“ - four corners of the planet where surprisingly much manage to live long. Dan Buettner in the book “Blue Zones“ tells about nine rules of longevity from people who live most longer.

We possess big control over life expectancy, than it seems. The correct way of life can add at least ten years and rescue from many diseases.

To open longevity secrets, the team of demographers, physicians and journalists led by Dan Buettner went to “blue zones“ - four corners of the planet where surprisingly much manage to live long. The book “Blue Zones“ tells about what turned out (and as it turned out).

Simple food for health

Dan Buettner studied long-livers in Sardinia and Costa - Ric, Okinawa and Lome - Linda, the USA, and made very interesting discovery. The basis of all cultures of food promoting longevity is made bean, grain also by vegetables. These products - a source of cellulose, antioxidants, anti-cancer agents (insoluble cellulose), the minerals and substances reducing the level of cholesterol and preventing formation of blood clots.

Most of long-livers never tried the products which underwent technological processing, sweet carbonated drinks or marinated snack.

At first loved

the Correct priorities - one more secret of longevity. 102 - summer Maria grew up four daughters, endured the fascist mode and worked with the husband from dawn and before the twilight. After death of the husband half a century back she moved to the daughter. Helped to raise grandsons, cooked food, cleaned up in the house and before recent time knitted. Relatives call it Nona.

Two years ago when she was hundred years old, Nona very much ached. She did not get up. Her daughter Pyetrina thought that she will die soon, and called all family. All arrived - four daughters and thirteen grandsons. Many live on the continent. They gathered around its bed to say goodbye. And did not even think that she hears them.

But when her grandson, from the lagging behind students, bent to tell how he will miss it, Nona opened eyes and said: “I am not going to die until you graduate from the university“. Nona recovered, and the grandson returned to university and studied up to the end.

Time to look for the horizon

call Okinavtsa`s

it ikigay, and Costa Ricans - plan de vida, but in both cultures this phrase is translated as “why I wake up in the mornings“.

Such simple desire as aspiration to see adults of the children and grandsons can act as the purpose. The purpose can be connected with work or a hobby, in particular if you are capable to plunge into it.

On December 31, 1999 the sharp growth of mortality among elderly people was noted. These people set to themselves the purpose to live up to the new millennium. Also kept the promise.

Remedy for defect

Those who differ in longevity diligent work throughout all life. They find pleasure in performance of daily work. Also have by all means a rest.

- Himself needs to find occupation all the time, - Segundina, the elderly Costa Rican started talking. - When people have too much free time, they are overcome by defects. And we have many cases. We work much to drive away a devil, but it is not a lot of to overtire. Life at us quiet and simple.

- To you never happens boringly? - I looked around. Neither TV, nor radio, nor any other electronic devices. I could not remember any place where people had at least no satellite television. - How you entertain yourself?

- I find a shadow and I eat orange, - my interlocutor in all seriousness answered. Har Hati Bu`s

Superlong-livers - people is more senior than 110 years. On the Japanese island of Okinawa their ratio makes 35 people on one million while in Japan - only 7 on one million. Before each meal elderly okinavets say “a har want bu“. It helps them is less.

Hara Hati Bu - ancient Confucian saying. It means “eat, the feeling of hunger will not begin to disappear yet“, and it occurs when the person is full for 80%. There is such theory: slight malnutrition slows down a metabolism, less harmful oxidizers - the substances destroying an organism from within are as a result produced.

Century wisdom

Dan Buettner was invited by

on a visit to Kamada Nakazato, Japanese a hole - the priestess who communicates with gods and ancestors. Being going to leave, it could not keep from an unscientific question. Sometimes answers to such questions the most valuable.

- As to live till 102 years? - I took an interest in the end.

- Earlier I was very beautiful, - Kamada answered. - I had hair to a waist. I needed a lot of time to understand: beauty is covered inside. Beauty comes when you cease to worry about the problems. But it is the best of all for you when you care for others.

- There are still some councils?

- Eat vegetables, enjoy life, be so kind as to people smile more often.

the Natural movement

the oldest people on the earth do not run marathons and do not participate in a thriathlon, and in the mornings on Saturday do not represent from themselves sports stars. On the contrary, they are engaged in low-intensive physical activity - it is an integral part of their daily routine.

The ideal mode which you have to discuss with the doctor includes a combination of aerobics and exercises on balance and strengthening of muscles. Occupations by yoga also help to keep balance, strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility, well affecting joints and reducing pain in the lower department of a back.

Even standing on one leg (for example when you brush teeth) - a small step to balance improvement.

the Choice for you

We mature and we grow old. But here by what this process will be followed, depends on us. We can live short life and long suffer. Or to live long, bright and healthy life, having minimized physical inconveniences.

As sets an example of long-livers, the choice - only for us.

On materials of the book of Dan Buettner “Blue zones“.