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What color there can be eyes at the person?

the Most noticeable part of our face - an eye. They can be very different: sad, cheerful, thoughtful, romantic, mysterious … There is a lot of definitions! On eyes it is possible “to read“ mood and even through them “to look in soul“.

Wishing to draw attention to itself, a fine half specially allocates the eyes by means of cosmetics. They can give a lot of things to the one who in them will look. And a lot of things are often reflected in them too. But here what interesting moment: if about eye shape it is written much, then about their color - very little. Speak usually about black eyes, gray, brown, green. But the palette is much wider! Before addressing it, we will track what this or that shade of eyes depends on?

Experts say that it is defined by their iris of the eye. More precisely - melanin and how it passes light. Just been born children have a color of an iris of the eye - bluish. In process of the child`s growing it darkens and gets other coloring.

Interestingly Aristotle argued in due time. He considered that people with brown and green eyes in process of a growing will become choleric persons, with gray - melancholiacs, and with blue - phlegmatic persons. Further this theory was added by other scientists. It is considered that people with dark eyes have strong immune system, they are persistent and very hardy. With gray eyes - resolute in character. With blue - patient. With brown - closed. With green - are constant in desires.

And what in general shades of eyes are known? There is a small list taken from qualification system of V. Bunak with designation of an iris of the eye of eyes: black, it is darkish - brown, svetlovato - brown, green, yellow, burovato - it is yellow - green, serovato - green, gray, serovato - blue, blue, blue. The most rare color of eyes - blue and yellow.

According to geneticists, color of eyes in some measure is rendered hereditarily on predisposition of the child to this or that parent. It is considered that genes of OCA2, EYCL1 are responsible for it; EYCL2; EYCL3 SLC24A4, TYR. Not to “get“ too deeply into genetics, I will tell more simply: color of eyes - a characteristic sign of belonging to these or those people. Let`s tell, black eyes - a characteristic sign of belonging to Mongoloid race.

Physicians determine some diseases by color of eyes. People - albinos have eyes with a reddish cover. Such effect appears at total absence of melanin in it. In such state color of a cover defines blood in vessels. At a disease of an aniridiya the iris of the eye around apple (pupil) in general is absent.

Sometimes people meet eyes of different color: right and left - absolutely different. Physicians call such phenomenon a full geterokhromiya. If eyes have different color in an iris of the eye - it is about a sector geterokhromiya. It is considered that this abnormality sometimes is shown in marriage of men and women of different races at whom the child with such eyes is born. But precisely it is not proved by medicine.

Surprisingly, but fact: the shade of an iris of the eye of eyes at many people changes on the life course. At children it is fixed finally by twelve years. Elderly people at development of sclerous changes gradually lose contrast of a cover - she turns pale, getting other shade. The iris of the eye changes the color and at diseases. Especially at a melanoma, a gemosideroza, a sideroza, leukemia and a lymphoma.

Eyes at each person are especially individual. As skin patterns on fingers. Not incidentally in difficult security electronic systems the identification on color of eyes, their shape, a condition of a retina, visual acuity and so on is applied. And here still interesting fact: in fantastic movies to women - aliens by means of cosmetics “draw“ very expressive eyes from emerald color an iris of the eye around a large pupil. Well, and in ordinary life at us the sensual relations begin a time with the first fascinating look. Unless not so?