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What stomatology is better - American or Mexican? Personal experience

Life sometimes allows to compare work of experts in the different countries. The American and Mexican stomatologists made identical work on installation of implants, however time and the means spent for prosthetics differed several times. Expensive stomatology in the USA fleeces the patient in all ways. The Mexican dentists work quickly, qualitatively and with a guarantee.

In the previous article I in detail described the visits to the Mexican clinic where established me implants. Two years earlier I did the same prosthetics of teeth in the American clinic. Now time to compare work of the American and Mexican stomatologists, time spent on treatment and cost of all procedures came. Prosthetics of teeth in Russia 20 years ago with

But I will begin

, perhaps, with discussion of the Russian stomatology of twenty-year prescription. In 1995 two molars on both sides of my lower jaw amicably “were depressed“ and they had to be removed. Soon there was a question of prosthetics. One my friend told that she has a good private prosthetist who does everything excellently and a little cheaper, than in paid policlinics. She agreed with the doctor, and I came to him to reception.

It had the office in Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg, it was near my house. The dentist examined a scope of work and told what should be filed from each side of the extracted teeth on couple of healthy and to put on the bridges bearing teeth where there will be about one hinged tooth. Hinged tooth will be white, and crowns on the bearing teeth will be “under gold“. I about myself thought: as at Roma. But I had no choice, and I agreed to everything. The doctor right there without anesthesia began to grind healthy teeth. Torture was purer than “the Spanish boot“ from the Middle Ages. I sat, having closed eyes, and from a mouth at me the tooth cloud of dust took off. When it ended, he removed a mold and told that next time there will be the first fitting.

In a week I went for fitting, all fittings were ideally suited, in a week after operational development bridges were established at me in a mouth. Conveniently, does not press anything anywhere and the price for work was quite suitable. The good prosthetist, thanks to the girlfriend got.

Bridges served me faithfully 18 years. At first the bearing tooth from the left bridge ached. Visit to the dentist did not encourage, he told that tooth should be extracted, to remove and fit a prosthesis the bridge anew. I have a tooth insurance of the husband which allows a discount of 25%, including also installation of implants. Therefore I decided that instead of the extracted and hinged tooth I will make implants, and on the healthy bearing tooth I will put a crown. Prosthetics of teeth on - American

the Dentist sent to

me for consultation to the implantologist. Consultation at this expert costs 65 dollars for owners of a tooth insurance. The doctor told that he will saw the bridge, will pull out tooth, then will increase a bone of a jaw and after that in about 6 months it will be possible to establish 2 implants. To me visit was appointed to August, 2013.

The first stage was made: tooth is pulled out, a gum of a raspolosovan, material for extension of a bone is put there, everything is sewn up, on the tooth which remained from the bridge the old “gold“ crown shines. I paid 2 374 dollars for these procedures.

I went to check sometimes once a month, sometimes two times. Desna did not begin to live, seams dispersed several times, it was necessary to correct and wait for all this when everything is ready. In February, 2014, in 6 months, at last, the doctor decided that time to establish implants came. This procedure took 2 hours and was quite painful even with anesthesia. When everything ended, I was told that I have to pay for it 2 640 dollars.

Each 2 weeks during 4 - x the next months I went to check to the stomatologist, as for work. At last in June, 2014 he allowed me to visit my dentist to begin installation of holders and crowns on implants and healthy tooth of the bridge. When I came to the dentist, he told: holders with crowns on implants cost 3 100 dollars and a crown on tooth 462 dollars, as a result of $3 562. The doctor took measurements, I paid a half of working costs.

At the beginning of July I found everything that wanted. There passed only 11 months, tens of visits and a result of cost of this project - 8 641 dollars, and it besides that I received 25% a discount on a tooth insurance. Without it I would lay out 10 791 dollars from own pocket.

Prosthetics of teeth: the Mexican option

at the beginning of 2015 the same history happened to the second bridge. I did not want to pass through everything any more tests which underwent for the first time. Therefore I decided to look for alternative option. And I found that in Mexico, in the border area more than 20 dentoprosthetic clinics work with lower prices.

I want to stop on the prices. Consultation at the doctor free, removal of tooth free too. The cost of a panoramic picture for modeling - 85 dollars, the cost of one implant with the holder and a crown - 1 850 dollars (there is an opportunity to choose cheaper option), the crown on the healthy bearing tooth costs 450 dollars. In February established me 2 implants after removal of a painful tooth at once, nobody increased a bone as it is quite sufficient for installation of implants.

In a month there was one control check as implants get accustomed, through two to me took measurements and in 2 weeks holders and crowns established. Time spent on 5 visits made only 4 months. The cost of all works - 4 235 dollars, at an exchange for peso returned me 120 dollars. The result made 4 115 dollars against 8 641 in the USA. Besides I received the certificate - a guarantee for the done work. If something happens, then to me free of charge all will repair. All work in the Mexican clinic was performed in 4 months. In the American this process was longer three times.

And still I want to add: service in the Mexican clinic was at the highest level. I regretted that I did not address the Mexican stomatologists at once, it would be possible to save time, money and nerves.