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Jacaranda - a violaceous tree. What is it attractive by?

Lilac miracle - can so be told about blossoming of a jacaranda, a violaceous tree. Besides unsurpassed decorative advantages, the jacaranda is famous for valuable wood of which make expensive furniture, a parquet, souvenirs, luxury goods, musical instruments. Flower growers grow up some species of a violaceous tree in room conditions.

Family Bignoniyevidnykh is famous for beautifully blossoming plants: the known liana kampsis, or the trumpeter on a roof, a charming and fragrant catalpa. But the jacaranda, or a violaceous tree, eclipsed them the lilac, lilac, blue violence of paints, gentle honey aroma.

To whom has the luck to see it personally, fell in love with her forever. And even virtual acquaintance to this beauty causes indelible impressions: as if the lilac enormous cloud came back to Earth and lodged mystery and infinity in our souls and thoughts.

The homeland of a violaceous tree - tropical and subtropical regions of the American continent. This miracle of the nature was fallen in love to inhabitants of the whole world. In Mexico and Zimbabwe blossoming of a violaceous tree symbolizes approach of spring. And here in the Republic of South Africa its capital of Pretoria in which along roads, in parks, squares the huge number of a violaceous tree is landed is often called Zhakarandastad.

In some districts of Africa believe that in a jacaranda there lives the Blue spirit helping to pass the correct decisions by consideration of disputes between people. In some tribes it was accepted that the oldest women sit under these trees and consider complaints dissatisfied - the Blue spirit at the same time promotes acceptance of a right verdict.

In Australia grow up a jacaranda with white flowers more often. The reverent attitude to this fine tree generated such tradition: to plant a new plant at the child`s birth. Also blossoming of a jacaranda in Australia is connected merry Christmas, about it many songs and verses are put. In one of songs there are such words: “The jacaranda blossoms, Christmas brings closer to us“.

The name “jacaranda“ came from the Portuguese word meaning “having solid wood“.

In the homeland the jacaranda is called Black Pui, and for similarity to fern leaves - a ferny tree. About it many myths and legends are put. In one of them it is told about the great priestess, the daughter of the Moon which arrived to people on a bird of Mitu. The priestess decorated with the blossoming jacaranda branches sat under the shade of a huge jacaranda and imparted to people knowledge and wisdom. After the priestess departed to the jungle, the ferny tree received one more name - a tree of Knowledge.

The late tree of Knowledge began to be planted near educational institutions. For example, at universities of Sydney often say to students that it is necessary to prepare for examinations, the jacaranda did not blossom yet, then already late will be. Among students such sign is widespread: if the flower of a jacaranda fell on the head, then examination will be successfully passed. It is also possible to catch a flower on the fly until it touched the earth.

The sort a jacaranda is presented by bushes and trees from two to thirty meters high. In a sort there are about fifty species of plants. The jacaranda mimozolistny is most widespread, its large openwork leaves remind leaves of a mimosa or a fern.

Representatives of a sort are polulistopadny plants: at fall of temperature to zero degrees leaves turn yellow and fall down. Young trees can die at a temperature of three degrees of a frost, adults maintain fall of temperature to seven degrees of a frost.

Kolokolchaty flowers, up to five centimeters long, are collected in a brush. In one brush there are about several tens flowers. Branches hang under their weight and hang down almost to the earth, sticky nectar at the same time soils the parked cars and clothes of people.

After blossoming original flat seed boxes which shutters by the time of maturing become firm are formed. Then the box bursts also a set of seeds - ashkeys scatters on considerable distances from a maternal plant.

Along with unsurpassed decorative qualities, the jacaranda is famous for the wood known under the name a palisander. The word “black rosewood“ call beautiful wood from dark-red till chocolate color with a violet shade of some species of tropical trees.

The main supplier of wood is Brazil now. The tree core when polishing gets beautiful is red - brown color with violet outflow. Fresh wood has gentle violaceous aroma.

Make expensive furniture, a parquet, luxury goods, souvenirs, musical instruments of a black rosewood. For example, in Brazil do acoustic guitars of wood of a jacaranda today.

The violaceous tree is applied in the South American traditional medicine at treatment of various infections. It is established that extract of leaves and flowers kills staphylococcus and colibacillus is more effective, than some antibiotics, at the same time without having side effects.

Some types of a jacaranda grow up in room conditions. But it should be noted that this responsible business: that plants normally developed and blossomed, they need to create the conditions close to natural.