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How to calculate change? To learn to change

Change always cause a storm of emotions and feelings. Most often, at the beginning it is anger, condemnation, offense. There are later doubts which push us on reflections about causes and effects. I do not think that it is worth condemning categorically the person, but also there is a wish to take the part of traitors not really. If we learn to change correctly, then we will be able easily to distinguish change, well or, at the worst, to suspect something.

At all times people each other changed and, probably, will never cease to do it. And why? There is too much reasons, I do not think that there is a sense to try to understand them. Most often this usual sexual dissatisfaction or moral exhaustion which comes after the long and monotonous relations is more rare - elementary dissoluteness.

If to analyse behavior of the person with which your family life turned into routine then it is possible to try to distinguish change. On some moments in behavior, not characteristic of your partner. But only in case you want it. As to find the traitor? Most to learn to change.

do not overestimate the opportunities

Some consider themselves it is cleverer than others. Become less careful, precipitately risk, thinking that they will never be exposed. For many years joint life soulmates so well study our habits, habits, merits and demerits that sometimes they know us better, than ourselves themselves. So if you resolved to change, be always vigilant. You monitor the behavior. And if you never took phone with yourself in a bathroom, then there is nothing and to begin

Keep secrets around

do not forget a fine saying which sense approximately that if you have a secret, you do not share it even with the closest friend. All secret becomes obvious sooner or later if someone else knows about your secret. Even the close friend can share your secret and so on with the girl or other friend. There is no guarantee that someone from these people will not blab out to your second half. you Watch


The easiest to take what close lies. Do not look for the partner among friends or acquaintances, so there is a big risk often to push together the girls or guys in one territory. Not all lovers treat the situation quietly. Some are angry with the lawful partner in life and at a joint party or at supper will try to prick, touch your official partner. Well, and, respectively, there is a good occasion to suspect you of incorrectness.

Where then to look for?

Ridiculous question. On other end of the city. The it is less of what will connect you, the it is easier to hide the relations on the party. The professional apostate knows that it is necessary to differentiate accurately and correctly territories of the love front, to place priorities. It is the best of all to choose in lovers or mistresses of the person who is in the same circumstances, as well as you. Then you will be sure in advance that you are not threatened by hysterics, threats and unreasonable requirements.

But not all are so lucky. It turns out that incidentally it will be difficult to get acquainted in the public place and it is necessary to use a dating site.

So, dating sites. It is very difficult to get on them. We change a name, we fill in the questionnaire, we put the cheerful picture and we move off in searches. After use of the home computer we clear history and cookies in the browser. Difficult? And you as wanted? Nothing - skill comes with experience. do not stop to study

All these gadgets plunge you into a stupor? Cause resistant hostility? Very much even in vain. It is a shame to use very expensive phone only for calls and SMS - ok. You think that, checking messages and calls of your soulmate, you keep everything under control? Aha, aha - to dream not harmfully. There is a huge number of applications for the smartphone by means of which it is possible to communicate including to get acquainted. Well and, of course, on them it is possible to put the password.

If you were tried to be exposed, caught red-handed, do not give yourself. There are cases when the soulmate for fun says that she saw you with someone. The huge number of people got on such harmless reception. Keep calm. Consider everything, count to ten but only then answer that you do not know what there is a speech about: about the double, perhaps? Say that each of us has somewhere a double, and even not one.

There passed those times when it was possible to calculate change only on a mysterious look or delicate aroma of others perfume Wives tried get to talking friends or colleagues, and husbands connected a special option in the mobile phone and monitored movements of the spouse. Everything flows, changes, here and professional apostates over the years accumulate experience.

I do not see sense to sum up the results. Everyone will solve itself, to continue to change, either to suffer change, or to work over itself(himself), or to look in a new way at the partner.