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How masa protect lions?

For cattle-farmers from Kenya lions are the enemies encroaching on their only value - cattle. The teenager of a masaa thought up a modern technological way of scaring away of predators with use of solar energy. The “lion`s fires“ collected from waste details do not cause damage to environment, but effectively protect cows from lions, and predators - from shepherds.

Lions need protection. To provide a survival of terrible predators, people create reserves and national parks where lion`s prides can not be afraid of destruction. But for cattle-farmers of a masaa from Kenya lions are the enemies encroaching on their only value - cattle.

By tradition the teenager of the African people cannot become a man until kills a lion. Nevertheless modern masa understand need of nature protection actions and look for ways of peaceful co-existence with predators.

Just like that not to frighten lions. These strong and dangerous predators sometimes even attack people. When business reaches protection of herd of cows from hungry lions, old-fashioned scarecrows do not work, and crows not strongly are afraid of them. The teenager who grazes parental cattle with 9 - summer age, thought up a modern technological way of scaring away of predators with use of solar energy.

Turere (Turere) thought up “lion`s fires“, an obstacle in which for prevention of attack of predators on cattle of his father lighting lamps, the automobile accumulator and solar panels are used.

The boy lives together with parents in Kitengel (Kitengela) on the suburb of national park of Nairobi. He told how lions pursue and attack the migrating cattle.

“My community - masa. We consider that we came from the sky with all our animals, and we use all earth for a pasture. For this reason we so appreciate them, - the teenager says. - So, I grew and strongly hated lions. Our community and cattle are protected by soldiers... They kill lions... I think for this reason in national park of Nairobi so there are not enough lions“.

Though lions perish not only from hands Masayev, Turere decided that frightening off lions from cows, the livestock, and many predators can keep life both. The teenager tried to use various ways for a peace solution which masa apply for a long time, but without special success, including a scarecrow and oil lamps. “But lions are very clever. They come, see an effigy and leave. They come back next day, again see an effigy and understand that it not movably that it always here, then they attack and kill animals“, - the young shepherd tells.

One night Turere came to the shelter with a lamp and noticed that lions keep aloof: “I paid attention that lions are afraid of moving light“.

The clever teenager got the old automobile accumulator, motorcycle alarm lamps, switches, lamps and solar batteries to build from them the light device which is frightening off lions. It was necessary to try, but as a result it successfully earned, and today “lion`s fires“ collect similar across all Kenya.

The simple security system does not need expensive kerosene, it does not cause damage to environment, but effectively protects both cows, and predators, forcing them to steer clear of shelters.

In Turere`s award got a grant from one of the best schools of the country. When grows up, he hopes to become the engineer or the pilot of the plane. “Earlier I hated lions, - the young inventor says. - But now, when my invention protects cows of my father and lions, we can avoid the conflicts“.