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How to prepare a cranberry biscuit

there is a cranberry drink, cranberry pie. And what is a cranberry biscuit? Amazingly tasty dessert!

A biscuit - very tasty rich dish. It is good as a breakfast with a cup of fragrant coffee.

I as a dessert wins a biscuit, in comparison with cakes or cakes as it prepares from natural products, without use of fragrances and preservatives.

the Classical biscuit is made of eggs, flour and sugar.

Is many options of preparation of a biscuit: some recipes demand to shake up egg yolks and whites separately. Some - additions in dough of soda or other baking powder. Happens that butter or margarine is added to dough for a biscuit.

the Cranberry biscuit is good that dough for it prepares very simply, and that from - for additions of a cranberry in dough, the dessert gains useful properties and it is amazing - gentle and bright taste.

For preparation of a cranberry biscuit are necessary such ingredients:


eggs seven tablespoons of

sugar seven tablespoons of the

flour a handful of a cranberry

Neither a baking powder, nor butter or margarine should not be added to dough. The biscuit turns out rather magnificent, owing to beating of eggs. And, as dough becomes without fat addition, practically does not shrink. Berries of a cranberry introduce new flavoring feelings in a flavoring palette of a biscuit, without changing structure of a biscuit at all.

That a biscuit turned out successful, it is necessary to knead dough quickly enough. Therefore it is better to start beating of eggs how all ingredients will be prepared for addition in Egg dough in a separate bowl, rather deep that it was convenient to drive in with the Sugar mixer and flour too of a dolna to be prepared: the necessary amount of sugar and flour can be placed in cups or small pans. The cranberry should be washed out well. It is the best of all to make it under flowing water, having placed berries on a colander. After the cranberry is washed out berries it will be necessary to dry, having placed on a pure dry towel.

a biscuit Baking pan also has to be prepared to a test batch. It a dolna to be washed purely up, dried on fire or is well wiped by a pure dry towel.

the Form should be oiled raogrety margarine, sunflower or to strew with a thin layer of flour that the biscuit did not burn slightly and it was well taken out from a form.

After the baking pan of a biscuit is ready and all ingredients are ready, it is possible to begin preparation of the test. it is good to

of Egg to shake up the mixer within two minutes. Then to add sugar, to shake up two more - three minutes.

to Add flour again to shake up the mixer before receiving homogeneous mass. To lay out a half of the test in a form, to distribute evenly on a form surface. To pour out a half of berries of a cranberry. The remained dough to lay out the remained dough, to decorate with the remained cranberry berries. to Bake

in an oven at a temperature of hundred - hundred fifty degrees until dough gets pleasant korichnevato - golden color.

is accurate to lay out the Ready slightly cooled down biscuit from a form and to cut on portion pieces.

is Especially good such biscuit with coffee or tea.

the Biscuit is tasty without cream, but if there is a wish to make tea drinking more festive, then it is possible to add a biscuit with very simple, but very tasty cream. For preparation of cream to shake up a half of a glass of twenty-percentage cream with a teaspoon of sugar and to decorate biscuit pieces with whipped cream