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Narcissism - what is it and in what its danger?

Many would like to achieve great success. But when own merits not really impress, it is easy to begin to exaggerate and embellish them. As a result the admiring begins itself - such clever and remarkable. Return to reality can be very painful. It is worth thinking of it before being fond of narcissism.

Where it was necessary to go on Road of Life, it will never turn out to leave itself. However this thought not for all is pleasant. Sometimes the idea to escape from the true essence can seem to tempting. But as it is impossible in reality, similar begins to be carried out at the mental level. The person invents himself. And literally revels in this nonexistent image.

Artful comparison


jealous comparison of with others. It can be not only real people, but also heroes of books or movies. When similar comparison plays foreign advantage, the person feels, to put it mildly, discomfort. However it is impossible to be the first in all respects. Understanding of this fact can bring not joyful emotions. As a result other individual goes to the invented world where sees himself the superhero in every respect.

Moreover: he begins to think of himself in the third party. Such state is quite dangerous. It at all not the same that attempt to take a detached view of itself. When the person is in narcissism captivity, he does not see and does not want to notice the real personality - instead beholds the invented image. Sometimes it leads to loss of contact with itself. the Annoying syndrome

the Small success or the insignificant help to someone - and the person “brings“

. He is enraptured with himself - such good, clever and in general remarkable in every respect. But the similar spirit can play a dirty trick. If to be fond of narcissism, then in work, for example, it is easy to make a slip, sometimes literally out of the blue. The miss in this case makes sober - as the bucket of cold water overturned on the head.

Being engaged in something, other figure thinks not of the work performed by him - he admires himself, in advance admires result. For example, not too outstanding actor during game is engaged in a performance with thoughts of own genius. Creation of an image of the hero fades into the background. The audience feels it, they are irritated by a similar manner. The ecstasy itself can be present at any activity, and the result always suffers.

People sometimes takes offense at others if they do not consider it as something outstanding. It is not excluded that continuous narcissism can be transformed to very unpleasant “syndrome of the unrecognized genius“. At the same time does not concern other individual that it is few real achievements. Like, it could a lot of things “if“. Surely guilty of its insolvency are other people. To recognize the participation in a problem - it is already higher than forces.

Flight from pain

Narcissism is a leaving both from reality, and from itself. Why the person avoids and is even afraid to see the personality in its true light - a question not from idle. Always there are reasons of similar behavior. Perhaps, some psychoinjuries took place. In an escape from reality disposal of pain seems. However problems from it are not solved. In each case it is necessary to deal with the prime cause.

Sometimes the admiring by itself and the imaginary merits so captures that the person ceases to perceive own personality adequately. What is especially sad, he begins to trust in similar imaginations sincerely. The farther, the more difficultly they give in to a razubezhdeniye. Illusions about themselves tighten as a fenny bog. And already not really - that there is a wish to see himself in its true light. Personal and professional growth in this case are thoroughly forgotten.

Sensibleness against illusions

Prevention of narcissism is an ability to be itself. It is possible to learn it, though it is not always simple. Restoration of contact with the inner world demands considerable efforts and even courage. This occupation can seem to someone too boring. It is sometimes simply terrible to see himself real - the disappointment happens rather painful.

It is laudable to seek for big achievements, but at the same time it is impossible to forget about the present level. Everyone has abilities which demand development and improvement. Another thing is that efforts need to be sent to the correct course. There is no sense to the football player to be distressed that he is not a musician, and to the artist - that was not born the astronaut.

It is difficult to keep sensibleness and to realize own thoughts and feelings. It is easy to lose control over them. Quite often there are “well-wishers“ who wish to specify what should be felt and what to think of. Ability to remain itself in a similar situation - a sign of a certain maturity of the personality. Sensibleness is not cultivated in one day, time and efforts will be required. But that the result is more valuable.