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How to bring up in itself the genius? Violate rules!

you want to become a genius? The creative, productive, bright person, who, clinging to trifles and considering them from the unusual point of view, creates grandiose projects. If yes, that is time to violate ten boring rules!

Martie Nyyumeyer is the adherent of creativity in everything, including in work with brands, products and the companies. Its purpose - to connect business and design. “Business - a point of support for changes. To improve business work methods - the fastest way to improve methods of work of the world“, - he says.

In the book “Violate Rules“ it shares creativity tools which will make innovations closer, business - it is more profitable, and genius - your the second “I“. Become

the genius

the Genius is the person turning thought into an innovation and at the same time changing our vision of the world. In other words, is the one who brings creativity to originality level.

Best of all the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer told about it: “The talent achieves the objectives which nobody can reach any more; the genius achieves the objectives which nobody sees any more“.

Rule 1. Violate rules

of the Rule of creativity - not the tough scheme, but the general models to which throughout many centuries artists and scientists followed, creating the creations. Acquaintance to them will broaden horizons and will allow to cope with any task demanding the maximum concentration.


1. Test rules, observing or violating them.

2. Estimate result.

3. Rewrite rules according to own experience.

And then it will turn out that rules of creativity exist - it is your own rules. They will be followed not necessarily by others, but in your case they will be ideally balanced and suitable for you.

Rule 2. Experience before considering

do not start planning immediately after saw the purpose. You study tranquility and ability to listen to themselves. To the dissatisfied internal voice. To sucking in the pit of the stomach. It is necessary to involve intuition, it is necessary not to look, and to feel.

The person trying to experience the decision is similar to the athlete preparing for the following movement. Here the body means more, than reason. It gives direct access to intuition that helps to avoid the usual fears distracting the moments, standard solutions and traps of thinking which are not allowing you to give ideal result.

Present that you are a psychotherapist, and a problem - your patient. Listen to it attentively. Treat her with empathy. Do not try to solve it. Allow feelings of a message you.

Rule 3. “Strengthen“ the weaknesses

there are two ways to develop the skills. The first - to concentrate on the strengths and to forget about weak. The second - “to strengthen“ the weaknesses. Unfortunately, both schools are incapable to stimulate development of your genius.

The genius consists of three factors:

originality (applied imagination);

skill (knowledge of tools);

efficiency (ability to finish business). If you are similar

to most of creative persons, then can brag of strong skills only in two of these areas. Then everything that it is necessary for you, is to neutralize weakness of the third.

For example if you are rather strong in skill and originality, put emphasis on speed. If in skill and efficiency - put emphasis on originality. “Strengthening“ the weaknesses, you allow to develop to the genius.

Rule 4. Choose the niche

the fastest way to find the niche - to pay attention to what does you special. The best strategy - to choose the direction which will allow you to put in it all heart and soul. Devote all yourself to activity which is equitable to your interests and gives the chance to develop abilities.

If you do something not just well, and with soul, get huge advantage. And then usual work becomes exclusive, and the narrowest niche turns into the whole world of opportunities.

Rule 5. Become that who you are is

In the 21st century illiterate not the one who cannot read and write, and the one who is incapable to study will be considered, to study up and be retrained.

You will not specify self-training in the summary. For it do not issue certificates and do not award with diplomas. Everything that remains, is a satisfaction from following to what pleases you until you become the person who wanted to become the yourself seeking not just to be itself, but to create itself - by means of training, creativity, self-expression.

Therefore undertake projects and confer on yourself responsibility for tasks which are out of your zone of comfort. And to win against the fears, do not look for roundabout ways. Any genius will tell that, having looked in eyes to fear, you will get rid of it.

You remember, we - not set of atoms of which we consist, we - the potential of our spirit, vision, talent. We derive pleasure that we feel live that we see opportunities before ourselves that we can leave the mark in the Universe.

If you connect the desire which is available for you to the principles checked by time, then start an infinite growth cycle of creativity. It is also that magic which gives birth to the genius.

On materials of the book of Martie Nyyumeyer “Violate rules!“.