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How to carry away children programming?

you know behind what language the future? No, not behind English and even not behind Chinese. The future behind a programming language! With the sensible self-instruction manual it is cheerful and fascinating. Authors of this book began to program in the childhood, and now they are successful scientists.

You know behind what language the future? English? Chinese? Actually, no. In the digital world the most important and necessary language - a programming language. Very soon without it will not be able any good expert manages. Therefore it is very important to teach children to programming already in the childhood.

Believe, it is not difficult to master it at all. It is even cheerful and fascinating. Today`s novelty - the book “Programming for Children“ - will prompt as.

As is arranged this book

the Book “Programming for Children“ - the unique management which will teach to create games and animation by means of two computer languages - Scratch and Python. Bright illustrations and simple instructions will help the child to understand elements of programming and to create the first games and animation.

This book is created especially for children:

Each subject is considered in detail, with examples from life and exercises.

Color drawings explain various concepts of programming.

Pixel little men give hints and advice.

Instructions specify what should be pressed, dragged or allocated.

the Program code and scripts speak postrochno.

Thanks to step-by-step instructions, during reading the book the child will create the first programs.

A at the end of the child is waited by chapter about the computer device, about how apply programming in real life, and, of course, the dictionary of terms.

We will begin with several lessons from the book. It is cheerful


to Learn to program

very interestingly, it is possible to think out own games. Here some which your child will be able to create during reading the book.

Escape from a dragon! Simple game which will help to master elements and to understand how to operate sprayta (characters). A task of the little programmer - to help sprite of a cat to evade from a firedrake.

Mad monkeys. Will help to check all opportunities of the Scratch programming language in practice. The programmer`s task - to bring down a bat banana.

Haunted house. Will teach to program in the Python language. It is fascinating game - a quest, the developer`s task - to create a code which will help to escape from a haunted house.

Bubbles hunter. Difficult in creation, but very fascinating game. Will help to fix skills of programming in the Python language. A task of the little programmer - to create algorithm which will help the submarine to burst bubbles on speed.

Think as the computer

the Programmer has to learn to think as the computer. All tasks should be broken into small subtasks which are easy for following and which cannot be misunderstood.

Imagine cafe with the waiter - the robot. As at the robot artless kompyyuternyymozg, he needs to explain how to deliver dishes from kitchen to the visitors expecting in the lunch hall. At first this problem needs to be broken into subtasks simple, clear to the computer. That is to think up algorithm of actions (in a different way - the computer program) is a set of the simple instructions explaining how to carry out a task.

Is programmed by means of pictures

of Scratch is a visual language in which it is very simple to program. With its help it is possible to create the most different cheerful and interesting programs, for example games and animation.

For it there are whole libraries of pictures and sounds with which it is possible to have fun.

Scratch almost does not demand input of the text from the keyboard. At the same time it is possible to add objects to the program: people, cars, animal. Such objects are called sprayta. Simply sprayta are figures - characters. what to begin


Here an example of Scratch - the program. Action happens on the screen to pictures. In computer language it is called a scene. On a scene it is possible to add background pictures and sprayta, “recovering“ them by means of scripts. The scene is at the left, and on the right it is possible to create programs.

How to become the expert on programming

Skills of programming improve with experience - as when playing a piano or sports activities. On becoming the expert, it is possible to spend years, but the road will be easy if it in pleasure. There are several councils how to become the expert on programming.

Program more. They say that repetition - mother of the doctrine, and is the truth. The more codes you write, the your skill is higher. Do not stop, and you will become an expert soon.

There is more curiosity. Study the websites and books on programming, read others code. So you learn receptions and tricks which it should reach independently for years.

Borrow ideas. Having met the good program, think what ideas and receptions from it can be used in the code. Even the best programmers are engaged in copying of foreign ideas and their improvement.

Teach the friend. Having taught to program somebody, you will learn much too. To explain how the code works, - a good way to check the knowledge.

Construct army of robots. You can connect the computer to various devices, from light-emitting diodes to robots. Finding out how to win the world, you learn a lot of new and interesting.

Programming is similar to solving of puzzles. It is difficult, fascinating and it is very useful. Teach your child to experiment and go against rules, trusting own curiosity. And then it it will become obligatory for the guru of programming and the digital world will be open for it!

On materials of the book “Programming for Children“ of K. Vorderman, J. Vudkok, Sh. Makamanus, etc.