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Astrid Lindgren. Why she did not want to write for adults? Her

most popular hero in Russia - Carlson who lives on a roof. She spotted an image of this little man on the street when by it there passed the joiner dressed in a plaid shirt and with the tousled hair. It was low growth and looked very funny!

Astrid Lindgren resolutely declared to all: “I do not want to write for adults. I want to write for such readers who are capable to work wonders. And wonders are worked by children when read books“.

Future children`s writer was born on November 4, 1907 in a family of farmers in Sweden. The estate was called Bore and was surrounded with a smart garden. Astrid was the second child in a family.

Her parents - Samuel and Hanna Erikssony - madly loved each other and almost all allowed children. Never punished for childish pranks of children. Not incidentally the writer will create a number of the books about the childhood written on autobiographical material. For children Astrid Lindgren thought up more than 35 books which were translated into 80 languages of the world, are published more than in 100 countries, many of them are picturized.

The first book “It Is Shaven - Mari“ unburdens the heart“ she wrote in 37 years. The book occupied 2 - e the place at a competition of the children`s and youthful book. But wide popularity to it was brought by the book “Pippi Long Stocking“. At first it were oral stories for the daughter Caroline about the disobedient girl which were written down by Lindgren after March 28, 1944 when the writer fell in ice and broke a leg. The destiny of the manuscript at first hung by a thread, it was not accepted in one of publishing houses. Then, having processed the book, persistent Astrid sent it to other publishing house and there were rights. From this day the glory literally pursued it.

In 1958 the writer was awarded with G. H. Andersen`s medal which is called the Nobel Prize in children`s literature.

In Russia Carlson became the most popular hero of Lindgren. About it was three stories are written: “The kid and Carlson who lives on a roof“ (1955) “Carlson who lives on a roof, again arrived“ (1962), “Carlson who lives on a roof, plays pranks again“ (1968).

In Russia the writer wrote about the popularity so: “When you hear what you is read by 300 million Russians, you understand that life passed not for nothing“.

Still during lifetime the writer received several monuments (it is a big rarity!) . The first monument was open in 1998 in the center of Stockholm. The second - in park Yurgorden. There is in Sweden also an orphanage which bears a name of the writer.

In 1998 in the homeland of the famous Swede her house museum and Astrid Lindgren`s World park opened. Annually there come about 350 thousand viewers. Here buildings of the old city are recreated and houses of heroes of its books are built. In park there take place representations and doll performances according to Lindgren`s fairy tales. Remarkable feature in them is that they are played in different languages including in Russian.

A. Lindgren lived almost whole century. She participated in political life, changed laws and considerably influenced development of children`s literature. For the long life the Swedish writer received many creative awards. Including unusual.

In 1996 the new asteroid which received a name of Astrid Lindgren was open. And in 1997 (its year 90 - the anniversaries) Sweden called Astrid Lindgren “The person of year“. Russia noted her talent a medal of Lev Tolstoy.