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Where do furniture of automobile tires?

the Fulfilled car tires - a source of environmental pollution. In many countries they are processed into valuable raw materials, but in Mexico where about 40 million tires annually are thrown out, enthusiasts are engaged in recycling. Students of National polytechnical institute and businessmen, not indifferent to a state of environment, do furniture of tires.

The Mexicans anxious with a state of environment try to fight against pollution, processing nobody the necessary worn-out car tires into convenient and inexpensive furniture.

They say that the central streets of the large cities up to the beginning of the 20th century often were covered by a thick layer of horse manure. In the modern cities you will meet a horse infrequently, but problems from it did not become less. The cars which succeeded horses so bred that they turned into the main source of environmental pollution. Their exhaust pipes throw up clouds of a smelly smog, and worn-out “footwear“ - car tires - captivated all dumps.

In many countries the fulfilled tires gradually turn into valuable raw materials, but in Mexico practically nobody is engaged in their processing. By very rough estimates in the country annually throw out about 40 million tires.

As Eduardo Rivera Alvarado (Eduardo Rivera Alvarado) tells, the leader of the Proyecto Aula project which united students, not indifferent to problems of environment, from National polytechnical institute, the thrown tires do considerable harm. In them rain water in which mosquitoes and other carriers of infections breed collects. The smoke which is formed when burning tires is pernicious for health and promotes increase in concentration of greenhouse gases.

Together with adherents on the project Eduardo Rivera was engaged in production of furniture, using the automobile rubber which served the term as raw materials.

Except car tires students use in production of furniture and other auxiliary materials, including a tree, the main thing for enthusiasts - not only to get rid of waste, but to create the ergonomic product capable to satisfy needs of potential consumers. As Rivera tells, their purpose to attract regular customers, having offered them an individual approach and competitive prices. Only thus, in his opinion, it is possible to make a powerful contribution to environment protection.

In four hundred kilometers from the Mexican capital in Boka - del - Rio was engaged in a similar way of secondary processing of automobile tires the owner of the company on their sale Luis Gonsalez Rivas (Luis Gonzales Rivas). The businessman who is directly involved in trade in the goods polluting environment claims that it does not set before itself(himself) the purpose of receiving profit. Luis Gonsalez wants to draw only attention of people to problems of secondary processing that, perhaps, will lead to changes.

The initial idea was in providing with chairs and chairs of clients of the company. The first copies were not really nice. But several months later Gonsalez along with chairs learned to do various jewelry, flowerpots and other decorative products, using simple tools, slings, paint, vinyl and plastic.

The businessman tells that the chair from automobile rubber costs it approximately 400-500 peso. It is approximately twice more expensively than a plastic chair from shop. However, despite expenses, Luis Gonsalez is not going to refuse the useful hobby.

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