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What will relieve of leukemia? Avocado!

Fruits of avocado - the valuable food and medical product helping to get rid of many illnesses. Recently researchers came to a conclusion that avocado is capable to struggle with cancer. The lipids allocated from a fruit selectively influence stem cells and can be used for treatment of sharp myeloid leukemia, a dangerous disease from which within 5 years 90% of patients perish.

Avocado, or an alligatorova a pear as it is called in the English-speaking world - a valuable food and medical fruit. This berry up to 20 cm in size and weighing from several tens grams to 1,8 kg contains the mass of vitamins and minerals.

Avocado reduces risk of diseases of heart and vessels, improves composition of blood, facilitates the course of diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, treats a cataract and diabetes. Recently the list of diseases with which the alligatorova a pear helps to cope was replenished with one more point. Researchers from Waterloo University (Canada) came to a conclusion that avocado it is capable to struggle with cancer.

Professor Paul Spagnolo (Paul Spagnuolo) allocated lipids which can be used for treatment of the sharp myeloid leukemia (SML) from avocado. The molecules allocated with professor treat leukemia, influencing stem cells.

OML - extremely dangerous disease. Within five years from it 90% of patients aged perish 65 years are more senior. Thanks to avocado and works of professor Spagnolo in the market of medical services in several years the new commercial preparation capable to prolong life the patient with leukemia can appear and to considerably improve its quality.

Development of OML is provoked by some stem cells that explains high probability of recurrence of a leukosis. As told Spagnolo in university a press - release, researchers carried out numerous tests which confirmed that the molecules allocated from avocado influence stem cells selectively, without mentioning healthy.

Professor Spagnolo - one of the few scientists in the world studying with application of the strict formal methods of property of preparations accepted in pharmaceutics which it is accepted to call dietary supplements.

As a rule, dietary supplements, or nutritsevtik, are not considered as drugs. Usually it is food and plant extracts, extracts, infusions and so forth. Contents in them useful substances depends on many factors - from quality of the soil in which plants, intensity of a sunlight and amount of moisture, features of production etc. of

the Relation to dietary supplements ambiguous are grown up. One additives help, others are sure that all of them are only baby`s dummies by means of which quirky swindlers fill the pockets the.

Spagnolo`s work including research of properties of avocado about which there is a speech is directed to separating grains from a ryegrass. Together with assistants professor studies molecular structure of nutritsevtik that provides clearer understanding of mechanisms of their work, gives the chance of effective and safe repetition of useful properties in patent medicines.

Molecules which Spagnolo allocated from avocado, for the present early to call medicine. Before their approval and use in oncological clinics there will pass some more years. But already today professor carries out necessary experiments to prepare a preparation for the first phase of clinical tests during which access to it will be got by patients with the diagnosis of OML.

Results of research of professor Spagnolo are published in the scientific magazine Cancer Research (Researches of cancer), one of the leading world editions in the field of oncology.

Be not ill!