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To whom to tell thanks? Syria and its chemical weapon. Part 2.

Continuation of a subject about the himicheky weapon in Syria. Answer to a question: to whom to tell thanks? Absolutely unexpected turn.

As time quickly flies. It seemed, the first part was written just yesterday. And when glanced in ShZh archive, saw that there passed nearly two years. The situation changed to the worst since then. Syria promptly came out on top by the number of refugees. For their three years there were 11. 5 million, from them 3. 9 abroad. The Syrian president rightfully entered the first rank of executioners of the people, having taken the worthy place among cannibals of the XX century - Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot...

But there is a radical difference to the best in comparison with last time as it not paradoxically sounds. There are practically no gases in large quantities killing civilians. As it is not present! those who read newspapers will cry. Only recently ten people were killed with chloric bombs. Yes, it was killed, and the fault besides lies on Assad. But the matter is that at destruction of huge stocks of its chemical weapon just did not pay attention to this type of gas from - for its rather low toxicity. It is poisonous, it can kill, but compare sarin and chlorine, all the same, that to compare a tiger to a cat. Both that and other of one family, but a difference between them it is huge. They do not have sarin, yperite and other muck equal on force in Syria any more.

And still I wrote that the American people did not want to bomb Syria too. People were tired of wars which are waged by America. Obama appeared nearly one in the world with the decision to bomb. And it had enough endurance not to do it. He understood that refusal of bombardment will cause to its reputation huge damage. So it happened. The president began to be accused of indecision, incompetence, of oblivion of ideals, nearly of treachery of the American interests, of advances with Muslim radicals at once, to remember that he is “Huseynovich“ and so on …

it is Even strange. The person makes the decision “not to bomb“, and it undermines confidence to it. And further I wrote: “And here Putin also offered the plan of rescue of the face of Obama. At once forgot that it in general denied presence of OV at Syria. Moreover, Assad agreed at once with Putin`s proposal to dismantle all arsenal. It appears, the weapon nevertheless was“. I did not write from what it suddenly there was a president of Russia.

And now there were data explaining this emergence. There is also a wish to tell about it. I will not play for time and to intrigue the reader why it occurred. Israelis interfered with a situation. Yes, yes! Those Israelis who keep a rigid neutrality in Middle Eastern chaos. And they continue to do it, I hurry to calm those who worry about the status quo.

A few days ago the state minister of Israel Yuval Steynits reported in interview that he offered the transaction. It became big diplomatic achievement for the American and Russian presidents. But at the same time, as I already mentioned, she struck blow to shape of the American as leader of a free world. People got used that U.S. Presidents are people abrupt. And Obama was considered as the ideologist of non-proliferation of the chemical weapon, especially in the Middle East. Its position had to lead to inevitable blow to chemical warehouses of Syria.

Officially the paternity of the plan belongs to the president Putin, the Secretary of State Carrey, the former member of the British parliament lord David Owen and the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Sikorsky. Here how many it appeared official fathers at it remarkable idea. As Kennedy spoke: “at a victory there are a lot of fathers, defeat always the orphan“. This version about numerous paternity arose absolutely unexpectedly after the “casual“ statement of Carrey though actually details of this plan arose after negotiations between Putin and Obama.

And yes here Israel which expressly keeps a neutrality in the Syrian conflict? Many Israeli leaders did not hide disappointment with Obama`s decision to refuse air blow, though as the state minister Steynits told: “the reached agreement became possible the best result“.

Now came it is time to tell how there was a “casual“ diplomacy. After interview on radio in 2013 in which the minister expressed confidence that Assad is responsible for chemical attack of civilians in which more than 1400 people died it was called by the Russian diplomat and asked about a meeting. Its surname is unknown. Before it the minister discussed the attack promised by the president Obama with the assistants. They said that such actions are usually useless. That only I pound from blows 50 or even 100 Tomahawks on empty Syrian warehouses. And, if it is disposable blow, it will never stop Assad from use of the chemical weapon next time. And then dawned on them that the USA and Russia have to coordinate the efforts on destructions of the chemical weapon in Syria.

It seemed to them a situation in which ALL win. As tell in the States win - win - win - win! For Russia it is good the fact that the world will cease to scoff at them for support of the assadovsky mode which uses the chemical weapon against the citizens. Probably, it is the second case in the history of mankind. The first, it when Tukhachevsky used gases against the Tambov peasants.

For Americans it is good the fact that Obama will achieve the real objectives to relieve the Middle East of the chemical weapon and will be sure that it in the Middle East will nevermore be used. Personal ambitions of the president - a minor matter.

Assad will have no place to disappear if Russia interferes. He very much depends on the relation to it of Putin, and will not begin to quarrel with it. Syrians will not die more of killing gases. And Israelis will cease “to sleep in an embrace gas masks“ that they did, since seventieth year.

At a meeting with the Russian diplomat the Israeli gave him this idea. Russian at once treated this offer very seriously and told that he will report on it immediately. Today.

A the Israeli suddenly understood that it has no permission the prime minister - the minister on the statement of such idea and that Americans know nothing about it too! On them it can fall down as a brick the head. It immediately rushed off in office of Nataniyagu who told it: “To anybody words except Americans! Only they know about our idea and Russians. We do not participate in it. We do not even know about it. Let among themselves agree. God forbid Syrians learn that we are involved. Everything will fail. Assad just out of hatred to us will not go to this transaction“.

Americans never asked Israelis whether it is possible to open this secret and to pay tribute to Jews. And Israelis never also asked about it. Till today this was a secret. When the minister learned that all this invention was published in the book of the former ambassador of Israel in the USA which appears soon, he was very surprised. But that is made, made.

Needs only to tell that Nataniyagu twice in the speeches thanked the U.S. President for this achievement. He properly understood what there passed through an American when did not begin to strike blow. Obama knew that he will be derided on all corners, to call him … however, I wrote about it. And as it is good that the vanity in this case did not prevail.