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What to look in Hurghada to the Russian tourist at?

Hurghada - the special city. It loses Charm - Ale - to the Sheikh in novelty and tranquility for tourists, but for children all conditions of rest are created here. And here the city leaves ambiguous impression and there is nothing to look here...

Hurghada - one of “dinosaurs“ of the list of resorts of Egypt, unlike Charm - Ale - the Sheikh. But Charm - Ale - the Sheikh - more European resort (white hotels, the schooled personnel, spacious roads, are not present resident local population), and Hurghada is a resort with narrow streets, density of hotels and numerous local population.

In Charm - Ale - the Sheikh is not present the poor and the homeless. Just because there - a tourist zone which is protected by submachine gunners. And here in Hurghada (and in Cairo, Alexandria and other) it is possible to see the real slums: bedouins here, for example, sometimes live in such dugouts where they creep by the evening and sleep. When light comes, they creep out the whole family outside. The main thing that there was a canopy over the head.

Hurghada - the city of contrasts. Insanitary conditions and poverty adjoin to very magnificent palaces of local nouveau riches here. The city, to put it mildly, leaves ambiguous impression. To the Russian or European tourist to walk on the central street - it what nerves is required to be had! However, if to curtail literally on one street deep into from central, you encounter mountains of garbage, rack of stray dogs, slums of locals and the killed are expensive.

But the strongest test for the tourist in Hurghada are local dealers. At walk here you are CONTINUOUSLY pulled in literal and figurative sense. You want to see the city, to find sights (which not so much if honestly). But instead of pleasure from knowledge of the new place every minute it is necessary to beat off importunate sellers, any sharpers and beggars.

Dealers block a way nearly a breast, sending the tourist to the shops. Approximately the direction of the movement of a ball in soccer so changes, and this reception “is called grazed a breast“: the leather sphere is accepted on a breast and is transported in the necessary direction.

At the same time local dealers quite precisely and instantly define national identity of the tourist. Years of practice! Sellers right there as chameleons, change “color“ and language: there are Mayklami and Dzhonami if see tourists of Americans, Nikitosami and Ivanami - with Russians, Diterami and Robertami in a case with Germans. By the way, Egyptians dislike the last, including their haughty and closed.

Dealers on streets of Hurghada are not simply persuasive: they are the real power vampires! Everyone five - ten meters you enter a peculiar fight, explaining that you do not need hours and - la of “Seyko“ (original) for 5 dollars because on a hand you already have hours. In this city on streets sell anything: “gold“ chains with “diamonds“, belts, glasses, clothes, the cigarettes “on dollar“, mummies of Pharaohs in a miniature, joint ointment, from a headache and for a potentiality at the same time ( THREE in one!) .

Having heard about so surprising ointment I stopped and asked: “And where, actually, to rub it if, for example, the head hurts?“ “In the head“, - there was an answer. “And if joints hurt?“ “In a joint“. “And if it is necessary to strengthen a potentiality quickly?“ Here the dealer screws up the face. There is a brainwork. “In the head“, - he answers, at last. “Again in the head?!“ - I am indignant. Pause. And here the face of the Egyptian lights up with medical light: “Rub there! - and the finger specifies it to me between legs. - There, friend! There!“ All this on is spoken good Russian.

“There“ I refused to rub ointment, and, it seems, lagged behind me, but … If the tourist “beat off“ one seller, then another immediately “engages“. It is simple to walk, see streets, there are no people, local mosques any opportunity. Dealers think out different cunnings: if not to drag you in their shop, for example, they begin to play that on a hospitality string.

Invite you and your satellites to themselves in shop “to a tea cup“. Anything, allegedly, it is not necessary to buy, only tea. If you refuse and here, then the dealer right there declares that he is an ancient bedouin and that you fatally offended it, having rejected the offer to call on “on a tea“. You can object: at us it is not accepted to accept the invitation from the first comer! But here it concerns nobody. “Bedouin“ is offended in the best feelings, to him “slashed on heart with a yataghan“ and it asks a mute question: “But whether it is time to slash slightly the tourist what refused the invitation and by that caused an insult?“

Poor “bedouin“ in Hurghada can instantly “be recoloured“ in the millionaire on rolls - Royce. When I refused to one of such dealers to visit his shop, he unexpectedly declared that it has “46 own shops across all Egypt“. At the same time by sight the guy hardly was 19 years old, and the sole not of new boots obviously began to ask “porridges“. “The owner of a network“ right there began to develop thought. Say, he lived long time in Germany, but there it was not pleasant to it, and he went to native Egypt again. Where business - the empire developed the. At the same time “millionaire“ persistently flogged to me stone “head“ whether the Pharaoh, the German Chancellor of times of World War I. And still promised a good discount for men`s socks!

In general it seems to me, deception in Hurghada continually. You tell to the taxi driver the place, for example, and he specially stops at “the lured shop“. There he already called, and wait for you. Only you open a taxi door on an exit as you are surrounded by a gang of dealers.

Still example. On the street there is old military “Mercedes“ of times of the Second World War. On glass the model, year of production is specified. There are no other plates. Silly tourists (among it and the author) begin to do video photographing with car at once. From nowhere, the brisk Egyptian comes up and on the beautiful Russian demands dollar for photography with object (car).

I to it: “And where the plate where it is told that it is necessary to pay for a photo?“ The boy breaks on shout. I declare that I will not pay and if that does not agree, then we call the police. Only then it lags behind us, sending curses to a back. The deposit from these “setups“ in soul of the tourist remains heavy. In Europe I did not meet it.

In Hurghada there are no theaters and the museums. But there are a sea and hotels. If the hotel has no own exit to the beach, then business - a pipe. It is just like that difficult to pass to the beach. Businessmen used it again: established “check points“ in places of pass to the beach: 10 Egyptian pounds or $1,5 for the person. At the end of rest rather strong sum will run.

I would like to write something good about stay in Hurghada, and this thing is: Red Sea. Any sea will not be compared to it on beauty of the underwater live and lifeless world. In Hurghada flat descent to the sea that is good to children. Probably, there is in this city the charm, but to find it to the European and Russian tourist is very difficult. There is an aquarium, several mosques... But in general the city, to put it mildly, did not cause in me and my satellites feeling of delight.