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Sport in the period of a lactation of

the Kid was born. You come back from maternity hospital and understand that you do not get into things which carried before pregnancy. Even if during pregnancy you played sports, weight all the same increased. Here not to get to anywhere. The main thing - do not panic! By means of sports activities it is possible to achieve considerable result, having set as itself the purpose to grow thin.

Right there the question of whether sport in the period of a lactation to the kid will do much harm rises? In what sports it is possible to be engaged and with what it is impossible?

are very useful to

of Sports to women during the postnatal period. Not to do much harm to itself and the kid, the feeding mummies should show consideration for rules of physical trainings. It is necessary to watch the health. If you feel badly, stop training and consult with the doctor.

the Correct spirit

Be only engaged in

of the Rule of sports activities in the period of a lactation in p when you for this purpose have the corresponding mood. You should not play sports when you strongly were tired or are afflicted with something (unless occupations lighten you mood).

When to begin

How to get rid of envy to the girlfriends who quickly grew thin after the delivery? Of course, having begun to play sports as soon as possible, but considering features of the state.

Experts recommend to begin to do exercises with small loadings already in a day after the delivery. It is so-called recovery gymnastics. If childbirth took place successfully, in the natural way, there were no significant gaps, bleedings and other complications, can safely start gymnastics already in maternity hospital. Still before you will get out of a bed, it is possible to do exercises for strengthening of muscles of a stomach (to me the nurse in maternity hospital helped to do these exercises).

the Main gymnastic exercises (squats, turns of the case, inclinations, moves hands) can begin to be engaged in

in two weeks after the birth of the kid when bloody allocations from a vagina decrease. During this period it is also possible to complicate exercises for muscles of a stomach and to begin exercises for strengthening of a breast.

the Exception are women to whom did Cesarean section, and who had strong gaps. In such cases consultation of the gynecologist concerning sports activities is simply necessary.

What is the time needs to be engaged in

and as often

three times a week on half an hour in day are Enough to play sports to feel results.

besides, breastfeeding thanks to production of milk already helps the woman with burning to 500 calories a day.

the Best time for exercises

Is recommended to play sports till a breakfast. Besides, do not forget that it is the best of all to do physical exercises at once after feeding of the child. In this case, even if a quantity of lactic acid in an organism will be allocated, it will already decrease to the following feeding (within two hours).

How to be engaged

needs to play Sports step by step. It is possible to increase the number of repetitions of one exercise for one every day (it was so easier for me to be engaged).

the Strengthened and long loadings can lead

to the fact that at you quality of breast milk can worsen (in an organism lactic acid which gives to breast milk unpleasant sour smack is emitted) or to decrease its quantity.



of the Dumbbell, the weight, exercise machines - all this is not recommended for the woman in the period of a lactation. Such loading is too strong during the postnatal period for the woman. Besides, occupations with dumbbells can affect quality and amount of breast milk.

after the delivery I tried to be engaged in

In a month a little with dumbbells, but quickly understood that it is too difficult for me. And, as it seemed to me, milk in a breast became less after such loadings.

the Fitball and a hoop, on the contrary, can be used. The hoop very well helps to make a waist more harmonous (it is checked on own experience).

If milk became less

It can occur from - for the fact that at occupations you lose liquids together with then too much, and drink a little. Therefore it is worth drinking more after classes. Compote from dried fruits (raisin, dried apricots and apples) best of all is suitable for this purpose. Try to reduce loading also a little.

Sports in the period of a lactation

Exist such sports which are contraindicated to the feeding women. And is also such which are recommended during the postnatal period. Anyway, it is worth consulting in addition with the expert. Besides, it is important to woman to be guided by the feelings.

Sports. Swimming

is possible



This sport will help you to get rid of cellulitis, to strengthen the copular device, to bring into a tone of a muscle and to feel more vigorously. Besides exercises in water considerably reduce load of a backbone.

As if I tried to find

an optimum pose when feeding, the back all the same hurt. And after swimming of feeling were - though fly!


Plus walking that she does not demand an extra time. It is possible to go, walking with the kid.


the complex of gymnastic exercises includes warm-up of departments of a backbone, inclinations, rotation by a basin, extensions, exercises for pectoral muscles, walking on tiptoe and heels.

Winter sports

can go skiing in the Winter. And both on mountain, and on flat. Skates are welcomed too. Make to yourself a holiday - go to a skating rink together with the husband!


can be played volleyball in the fresh air in the Summer, badminton, to ride a bike, rollers. Besides, it is possible to play table tennis. Remember time when you were a little girl, and jump through a jump rope.


the Complex of Pilates does not demand special efforts when performing. Occupations are directed to a relaxation and a uniform dosage of load of all muscles of a body. These exercises will help you to support themselves in a good form. It is possible to do to all women.

Sports. It is impossible


It is very power-intensive process. Occupations by run can negatively affect quality of breast milk.

Strength sports


of Occupation on power simulators to the feeding women are contraindicated to

! The same reason, as at occupations by run. Plus to it, at the woman can begin uterine bleeding at big load of a press.


of Occupation by oriental martial arts or boxing are not recommended by

to the feeding mothers as, except too strong loading, there is also a danger to get injured on a breast.

Extreme sports

By no means! The adrenaline which is emitted in the course of occupations with this sport can lower a lactation considerably. Besides, danger of injuries appears.

I still. It is better to play sports in the company of the same mummy as you. We with the girlfriend who has a sonny of one age with mine practiced joint occupations. It not only will help you to belong more responsibly to exercises, but also diversifies your everyday life. And then sport in the period of a lactation will bring you pleasure.

we Wish you fast restoration!