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Make of it a spermatozavr!

the myth is dispelled Long ago that if at couple it is impossible to conceive the child, matter in the woman. The statistics testifies: at least in half of cases “a weak link“ - the husband. How to help the man to become the father?

it seemed to

Until recently that the panacea from the lowered male fertility is found. Thanks to EKO (the technology of fertilization in a test tube) can make the father even the man with bad indicators of sperm. But this method has also negative sides - at least, the price in several thousands of conventional units.


in the civilized world welcomes Today the natural, set by the nature and physiology conception and the birth. Even criteria for statement of the diagnosis “infertility“ changed. Earlier marriage was considered fruitless if pregnancy did not come within a year, and today the waiting time is prolonged till two years. That is if you want to get posterity, it is worth hoping not for new technologies, and first of all for himself, having created optimum conditions for future paternity.

the Thermometer in pants

Spermatozoa ripen for of 72 - 75 days, moreover, according to some information, have to ripen 2 - 3 weeks in a small egg appendage. It means that the man wishing to become the father has to provide to the reproductive system ideal conditions at least for three months before starting performance of a task. And it is not simple to make at all. It is much easier to build the house and to plant a tree.

do not put off

Over the last 50 years concentration of spermatozoa in sperm of the average man decreased twice. Characteristics of normal sperm go for decrease all the time. Spoke about 60 million spermatozoa in 1 ml, then about 40, earlier now and are perceived 20 without alarm.
the Conclusion is simple: if there is a desire, it is better not to postpone the birth of children for later. The peak of fertility both at men, and at women falls on 24 years.

Banal flu with a temperature of 38 - 39 ° With throughout 2 - 3 days leads to the fact that quality and quantitative indices of sperm fall for 3 months, and then 2 more months go restoration. Certainly, conception can happen also at 40-degree to fever, but will not call these conditions optimum.

ambient temperature also is of Great importance for conception. Why gonads are removed by the nature out of trunk limits? At all not in order that enemies beat with a knee it and that temperature was couple degrees lower, than in all body. It is enough to spend to the man hour in a sauna - and through 42 - 43 day its sperm on all quality indicators it will become temporary “safe“. But not for hundred percent! You should not be protected thus categorically.


From - for an overheat of gonads also long stay driving, especially is dangerous to stout men. The same concerns close swimming trunks which break thermal control processes.

hit with

of Medicine into a groin

On the congress of andrologists gave an example: every week took away semen on the analysis from the healthy man. Everything went safely - and suddenly sharp change. What`s the matter? It appears, the man took headache pill of a harmless analgetic...

Search or shortage?
Sex in the period of an ovulation when conception is most probable, is desirable with an interval of of 2 - 3 days. Is more often than once a day you should not strain too. Besides, by the time of maturing of an ovum it is necessary to have full-fledged, mature spermatozoa. Therefore, by “o`clock of X“ it is desirable to bear 2 - 3 - day abstention.
To be fair should tell

that so far it is the only fact about negative influence of anesthetics. Perhaps, and not characteristic. But concerning many other drugs there are no doubts for a long time.

Some preparations from a number of hormonal steroids which are actively applied by athletes to a fast rating of muscles are extremely harmful to

... And others of harm

the Stress also sharply worsens a spermatogenesis. It speaks simply: kortikoidny hormones which develop adrenal glands in stressful situations are very similar on structure on sexual, but possess expressed anti-androgenic (suppressing formation of sperm) action. Not without reason speak “in bondage do not breed“ - equally as at troubles in a family or at work. And though at a stress sexual excitement can sharply increase, from - for emission in blood of a high dose of adrenaline fertility can reduce to zero for long term.

Do to
the Australian scientists assumed that at regular trainings oral sex the immune system of the woman gets used to sperm of the partner and does not cause rejection of man`s proteins. It increases probability of conception and reduces risk of complications in the course of pregnancy. Researchers came to such conclusion, having compared two groups of pregnant women - to heavy pathologies and without those. It was found out that among healthy women of 82% had oral sex whereas in problem group - only 32%.
Any beam energy is dangerous by

to potential paternity, except unless therapeutic doses. It concerns also the microwave oven - energy: in high doses it is simply terrible for a spermatogenesis. From an oven - of course, not to gather a microwave of such dose; danger threatens generally working at the corresponding productions.

Chemical zagryazny - one more threat for spermatozoa. So, phthalates which contain in plastic bottles and dairy packages and at long storage can pass into food, possess pronounced estrogenopodobny (read - anti-man`s) action. Under suspicion at experts - the chemicals which are a part of detergents, some food preservatives, stabilizers. And there is nothing to speak about insecticides and pesticides.

Alcohol unambiguously negatively affects with

the sexual sphere, causing braking of production of testosterone. Nicotine and any poisonings, for example mushrooms is also very harmful.

the Choice of laboratory - the key to success

What to do if conception does not come? To see a doctor! It is possible to cure the majority of states if in time and it is correct to make the diagnosis. Standard inspection - the analysis of semen. It is necessary to hand over it 2 times with an interval of several weeks. The best indicator is set off.

Boys are born
at non-smoking.
At smokers appeared one more occasion to extinguish the last cigarette in their life and to properly air the room. The Danish scientists examined 12 thousand mothers of newborn babies and found out that the smoking couples have less chances to conceive the boy, than at non-smoking. The matter is that the substances which are contained in a tobacco smoke do harm to Y - a chromosome thanks to which men are born.

Decrease in quantity of spermatozoa carries the name of an oligozoospermiya. It happens from - for decrease in function of testicles or unilateral impassability of semyavynosyashchy ways.

Mobility of spermatozoa - the important characteristic of quality of sperm. Normal more than a half of all spermatozoa have to move forward or, as a last resort, chaotically. Decrease in quantity of mobile spermatozoa is called an astenozoospermiya.

the Morphology of spermatozoa shows

what their percent has a full-fledged structure (30% have to be normal full also at least). Decrease in quantity of normal spermatozoa reduces probability of conception. Such state is called a teratozoospermiya.

Agglutination, or pasting of spermatozoa with each other, normal is absent. Its existence considerably reduces mobility of spermatozoa and probability of conception.

the Quantity of leukocytes in an eyakulyata should not exceed 10 million in 1 ml. Increase in quantity of leukocytes can demonstrate inflammatory process. In search of the reason in addition conduct urine research.

Semen should be investigated in the modern, credible laboratory. The fact can serve as objective criterion whether the analysis on existence of antispermalny bodies is carried out. Found such? Means, there is every chance of full treatment. We wish success!