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Pyramids: everything that you know about them

the Children`s pyramid - one of the very first toys of the child. Though she is thought up many years ago, still does not lose the relevance and takes the worthy place among a huge number of the developing toys. The pyramid represents an axis - a stick which details in the form of disks, balls and other geometrical figures are put on.

B than popularity of this simple toy consists? Than it is useful? Why it is so often used by teachers and psychologists for definition of a level of development of the kid? It appears, manipulations of the child with a pyramid allow the expert to find out some important moments, for example:

what So the advantage of this simple toy is actually invaluable

. Especially as today, besides the traditional wooden and plastic pyramid consisting of multi-colored disks it is possible to find rubber children`s pyramids, pyramids in sale - puzzles, magnetic, in the form of animals, little men and lodges and even soft and inflatable. Each of them will allow the kid to diversify tactile and visual feelings and will turn game into fascinating occupation.

the Children`s pyramid is known for

to all since the early childhood. With its help the child gets acquainted with the size, color, a form of objects. But this toy is not so simple as it seems at first sight. There is a large number of games with a pyramid which depend first of all on age of the child. When it is possible to begin to play with a pyramid? It is considered that the first acquaintance to a toy has to happen in of 8 - 9 months, when most of children already “learned“ to sit. At this age it is recommended to remove ringlets from a pyramid, at the same time it is better for mother to hold handles of the kid in the hand. So far the child likes to experiment, stringing rings on a core in any order, developing small motility. At the same time the kid learns to understand words: remove a ringlet, put, put on.

to the Child at the age of 1 - 1,5 years is recommended to play

with a pyramid which has all ringlets of one color. In the beginning the kid learns to collect a pyramid from two rings - to put on a core the first a big ring, then - small. From 1,5 years ringlets differ both in size, and on color.

of 1,8 - 2 - the child learns to collect a pyramid from 3 - 4 rings of different color (big, less, small). When the pyramid is already collected, it is necessary to carry out on it by palms of the kid, to stroke, show to the child that a toy narrow from above and wide from below.

2 - 3 years - we make pyramids of 4 - 5 rings of different color. It is previously possible to spread out together with the child ringlets in size from the biggest to the smallest and vice versa. It is also possible to collect a pyramid not only from a big ring, but also from small.

After 3 years to the child it is interesting to p to make pyramids of rings of two flowers and one size, a different form of one color, performing tasks for alternation (for example, one yellow ring, two red etc.) . Similar games develop attention and thinking of the child. At the advanced preschool age the children`s pyramid helps to cope with speech difficulties. With its help the child will be able to master pronouncing long multisyllables, stringing rings on a core and pronouncing the word on syllables.