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Food allergy practically any product can cause easy forms of food allergy

in the newborn. The before the kid wean and transfer to substitute of maternal milk, the it is more at it than chances to become the allergic person: at the child the intolerance of components of mix can just develop.

Transfer to substitute of breast milk has to be carefully thought over. Only the pediatrician can choose a suitable product for the child. At intolerance of protein of cow`s milk, it is possible to use substitutes of breast milk on a soy basis. Such mixes prepared with use of isolate of soy protein exists very much. In Russian you can find in shops of baby food:“ Frisosa “, “ Enfamil - soy“ and “Izomil“, “Alsa“, “Humana - SL“, and others. It is necessary to remember that at the child the intolerance and soy protein can be observed.

On this case specialized products at which use development of an allergy is impossible as the proteinaceous component in them is split to the level of separate amino acids exist. These are proteinaceous hydrolyzates of “Nutramigen“, “Pregestimil“, “Alfare“, “Alimentum“ and “Pepti is the junior“.

Despite high medical efficiency, these mixes cost rather much and are not palatable on taste. Four years ago in Russia there was a proteinaceous hydrolyzate with a partial hydrolyzation “Frisopep“ solving the last problem - pediatricians sometimes call it “the most tasty among tasteless hydrolyzates“. Also HECTARES“, “Humana of GA1“ and “Humana of GA2“ treat mixes with a partial hydrolyzation Hipp “.

With introduction of a feeding up the next difficulties are found. Cases when the green apples or rice flour which are considered as hypoallergenic products led to development of allergic reactions in children of the first year of life are not so rare. For example, in the morning mother gave to the kid fruit puree, and found red cheeks in the baby in the evening.

If your child is inclined by

to an allergy, remember:

At children till 1 year, food allergy is shown most often in the form of various damages of skin - ekssudativny diathesis; the seborrhea phenomena on hairy part of the head in the field of a darkness, and also a dairy scab are noted (reddening of skin of cheeks with formation of white bubbles and scales), an intertrigo behind ears, in inguinal folds, axillary areas is quite frequent (especially at children with an excess weight).

Other allergic manifestations - violations from bodies zheludochno - an intestinal path. Them to an allergy to define accessory rather difficult: intestinal gripes, vomiting or vomiting, belly-aches, the increased gas generation with an abdominal distension, an unstable chair (from a diarrhea with slime to locks) can be symptoms of an allergy or display of usual diarrhea. As a rule, at the little allergic person the intestinal dysbiosis is also observed.

Before an initiation of treatment needs to reveal food allergens. To the doctor there are enough data of survey of the child, poll of his parents, and also results of the analysis of the food diary. In it it is necessary regularly (during the time stipulated with the pediatrician) to note all types of food and drink received by the kid during the day with the obligatory indication of structure of dishes, features of their culinary processing, volume of food and time of feeding and also emergence of undesirable reactions (a liquid chair, vomiting, skin rashes etc.). Maintaining the food diary allows to reveal those products which consumption is followed by allergic manifestations. Short-term records (within 1 - 2 days) do not give any valuable information.

the doctor appoints by

After identification of allergens treatment of a disease. The first place in treatment of food allergy is allocated to a diet (dietotherapy). Reception of “antihistaminic“ preparations (antiallergenic means), ointments, and also symptomatic treatment is in most cases also necessary.