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Life on wheels of

Before choosing the bicycle, it is necessary to be defined for what it is necessary.

Russians understand

more and more what this convenient vehicle - the bicycle. And as easily with its help it is possible to avoid problems, especially in the cities. It is not necessary to get stuck in hours-long traffic jams, to painfully look for a parking lot (though just like that on the street you will not throw it, to us to Europe still far here). By bicycle it is possible and to reach work, and on walk to go to park and you never know still what opportunities open... How it is correct to choose the bicycle which for slightly summer and autumn months will become the true friend and the assistant?

the Huge range of bicycles of various cost, a class and appointment of which any sports shop can brag, - the best confirmation that cycling in our country experiences a rebirth. But, as it usually happens, the richness of the choice conceals in itself not only pluses, but also minuses: a similar variety is capable to confuse both beginners, and skilled athletes. However, as professionals assure, search of suitable model is not a problem, a right choice, namely - the decision on purchase of the bicycle, is already made.

to Beginners whose main achievement - development of the Friend bicycle at younger school age, experts advise to buy rather inexpensive city bicycle calculated on daily driving in the walking mode. Such option will hardly master sports loadings, but belief and the truth will serve to the owner within long years. For production of iron horses of this category inexpensive materials and technologies, frames here steel are, as a rule, used, and the set of transfers is limited to 3 - 5. at the same time such models not less than 15, and even 18 kg weigh.


city, or as it is called still, road, the bicycle, experts first of all recommend to pay attention to a frame.“ In this case frames happen opened, that is without the top pipe which are most convenient for women, and closed, more suitable for men, - told the selling assistant of specialized shop selling bicycles Artem Menshikov. - The closed frames it is more reliable: pipes here straight lines also function by the principle stretching - compression. However such configuration can become the trauma reason therefore, choosing the bicycle, it is necessary to consider that the distance between a pipe and a body of the person has to be not less than 10 cm. As for open frames, here pipes can be both straight lines, and curved, but anyway such frame less rigid. Besides, some female models can be put for transportation or storage, however it is difficult to call such design strong“.

However, degree of reliability of the bicycle depends not only on its design and material of which it is made, but also from quality of welding of places of joinings. Ideally at a frame one pipe has to pass smoothly into another, and borders have to be most imperceptible.

the Size of wheels - one more important parameter at the choice of the bicycle.“ Diameters of wheels can be both small - from 20 inches, and big - to 28 inches, - continues g - N Menshikov. - With the first it is much easier to twist pedals, and with the second it is possible to count on the high speed, good passability and the equal course. In city conditions when it is necessary to go generally on asphalt, it is better to choose narrow wheels, and here wide will be suitable for off road terrain more. However, the optimal variant suitable for different conditions, universal wheels 1,75 inches thick are considered“.

As for the cost of the city bicycle, the price of similar models start with a mark of 5 thousand rubles. However professional cyclists warn that the road option is cheaper than 10 thousand rubles can be simply hazardous to health: its unreasoned configuration gives additional load of knees and a neck, and low-quality details will quickly fail. Therefore estimated price of such models has to fluctuate in the range from 12 to 20 thousand rubles.

the Following step of cycle hierarchy - tourist bicycles Is time in a campaign


. It is worth passing to them with that who already mastered city option and wants to try the hand not only on asphalt paths, but also on forest paths. These models distinguish a curved wheel, wheels with chambers and tires and a frame with the extended back triangle. Besides, tourist bicycles cannot be presented without big heavy wheels with a diameter of 28 inches and a volume luggage carrier.“ Such models are good both for the highway, and for country roads, and it is possible to rank the big loading capacity, a kursoustoychivost and an expanded set of transfers as their advantages, - explained Boris Korablev, the manager the Internet - the shop trading in bicycles. - As for shortcomings, you should not expect special maneuverability and the increased passability from tourist option. However, from it it is also not required: such models first of all have to be comfortable and functional to go with the overflowed luggage carrier in any conditions“.

Tourist bicycles are much more expensive to

than city analogs and will pull on 20 - 40 thousand rubles.

On valleys and on hills

Mountain bicycles - the most advanced option intended only for professionals. Such models differ high-strength, but at the same time in quite easy frame. Here wide protectors are preferable, and diameter of a wheel has to be not less than 26 inches. As for a set of speeds, here the athlete depending on in what conditions it appeared, can choose from of 21 - 27 modes. “The mountain bicycle can be recognized by a direct wheel, the increased diameter of pipes and Y - a figurative form of frames, - explained g - N Korablev. - Besides, considering that similar models are intended for extreme driving, it is important that durability of all knots and details was at the high level“.

at the same time from - for the person of a configuration of a frame the mountain bicycles which are ideally suited for sport are not calculated by

on daily long trips in the walking mode at all.“ For the first time buying the mountain bicycle, it is necessary to understand that in this class of “iron horses“ there is the internal specialization, - the g - N Menshikov warns. - Some of them are intended for various jumps and overcoming of obstacles - a trial, others - for downhill racing from mountains, and the third - for driving on a cross-country terrain. Certainly, at each of these directions the requirements to the bicycle, and it means that they can significantly differ on the technical characteristics. So, going to shop, it is worth deciding on the preferences in advance to choose suitable model or to stop on the most universal option“.

For the simplest mountain bicycle should lay out not less than 50 thousand rubles, the decent model will cost 150 thousand rubles, and dream of the professional - fancy carbonic is big - will cost half a million.