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We go to the sea!

Holiday - it is fine. But that rest brought you one positive emotions, it is necessary to be prepared for it properly. During a trip at the sea there can be unforeseen troubles. How to avoid them?

you just became the happy owner of the permit to the sea resort and already anticipate carefree lying on the beach in beams of the southern sun and bathing in warm water... However travel is not only an opportunity to come off a habitual way of life, but also serious load of an organism. It needs time to get used to new conditions. The holiday-maker can have problems with a dream, headaches, disorders of digestion, catarrhal diseases.

of 3 golden rules of the traveler

In - the first, do not start at once visiting all local sights, give yourself 2 - 3 day after flight on usual idleness on the beach. To begin to have a rest it is necessary gradually. The first solar bathtubs and bathings have to be short - on of 5 - 7 minutes.

In - the second, you remember that everything is good moderately.

It concerns bathing, stay on the sun, food. Do not overeat, especially if you have a rest on the All inclusive system. Do not abuse alcohol. Besides that it is in a state of intoxication easy to get into an unpleasant situation, alcohol also reduces immunity.

If you have a predisposition to an allergy, be not fond of unusual dishes and exotic fruit better.

B - the third, do not forget about rules of hygiene. Surely wash hands before food. Do not drink water from at all - under the crane. Especially in tropical countries.

Follow safety rules for all living in this region which extend including to tourists. If in hotel warn that it is necessary to bathe in special rubber slippers, means without them on the beach-. You do not want to fall a victim of a sea hedgehog! In many countries it is not accepted to swim in the sea after sunset. And it is not casual too. Having violated the rule, you can suffer from predatory fishes.

the First-aid kit for the tourist

Surely capture with yourself the first-aid kit with drugs if something happens not to spend time for searches of the doctor or a drugstore in the unfamiliar country. In it have to be:

Plaster, brilliant green, iodine, Q-tips, bandage, dressing package, hydrogen peroxide.

the Anesthetizing preparations.

Febrifugal preparations (paracetamol, ibuprofen).

Some it is warm - vascular means.

burns Medicine.

Absorbent carbon, festat.

On a case of an allergy the sense is to stock up with antihistaminic preparations (klaritin, erius, etc.) .


For protection against a SARS with yourself grippferon.

I, of course, take preparations for treatment of your chronic diseases.

That drugs kept the medicinal properties, they need to be stored correctly. Rules of storage are always specified in the instruction and on packing. Preparations keep in the dark, dry, protected from light place, taking into account temperature condition. They have to be inaccessible for children.

Ideally before travel needs to consult with the therapist about possible contraindications to a trip, especially if you have chronic diseases.

Who are you, a microbe?

Unfamiliar infections and parasites - one more danger which waits for us in the exotic countries.

B to others country you can suffer from local parasites. Having sat in thongs on a small bench in Turkey, pokhodiv barefoot on a sand in Thailand, and especially having lain on the beach without laying, you risk to shelter one of these “animals“. And, it will be parasites, not known in Russia, and representatives of overseas fauna about whom our doctors could not hear, and from which preparations can be bought only abroad. Therefore you do not sit on sand or on other surfaces stark naked, surely put on or spread a towel. Do not walk up and down on the beach barefoot at all. God knows what muck can live in this snow-white sand!

Careful washing of hands before each meal - reliable protection against intestinal infections. Besides, having bought local vegetables and fruit in the market, surely wash up them under a water stream.

Try not to buy food in suspicious street snack bars. It is better to overpay, but to be sure that you will not do harm to health. Isn`t that so?

surely do to

Before departure all necessary vaccination in this country.

the Artful sun

be not overzealous In a pursuit of ideal suntan. Use sun-protection means, do not sunbathe longer than put of 15 - 20 minutes.

during stay on the sun protect a body clothes, close the head. It is not recommended to sunbathe during the period from 11 to 17 o`clock.

First aid at burns of jellyfishes to
It is necessary for
  • by means of make-shifts (not hands!) to remove the remains of a jellyfish.
  • to Wash out the affected skin sea water.
  • to Pound an affected area alcohol or alcohol-containing solutions.
  • to Give to
  • antihistaminic preparations.
  • If the condition of the patient does not improve, to ask for medical assistance.
How to help the one who pricked about a sea hedgehog?

  • to Remove with

    the remains of needles from a wound.

  • to Wash out an affected area of skin an anti-septic tank.
  • to Ask for the qualified medical care.
First aid at a sunstroke
It is necessary for : to Allocate for
  • the victim in a shadow, the cool room.
  • to Lay it so that the head was raised.
  • to Take off from it clothes, to wrap up in damp sheets, towels.
  • to Put on the head a bubble with ice, a cold compress
  • to Give to
  • plentiful cold drink.
  • to Cause an emergency medical service.
It is impossible:
  • to Dip the victim into cold water as at the same time cardiac arrest is possible. it is sharp to li to cool with
  • the person.